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VOC Emission Test Chamber

Custom Product

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Options
Option name VOC-010 VOC-020
Recorder (paper type) 100mm
External alarm terminal
Specimen power supply terminal
Emergency stop switch
Rotating signal light
Time signal
Air compressor
Chamber air-circulating fan Standard equipment
Chamber fastening bracket
Cable port (φ50)
Plug socket (External)
Power cord (5m)
Power cord (10m)
External alarm terminal and specimen power supply terminal
  • External alarm terminal: This connection terminal provides external notification of an error when the safety device activates on the system.
  • Specimen power supply terminal: Electrifies the specimen. It consists of connection terminals.
Emergency stop switch
The system is equipped with an emergency stop switch. Pressing the emergency stop switch shuts down the chamber.
Rotating signal light
The system is equipped with a rotating signal light. This lights up and rotates when the system has a problem.
Time signal
Set this during program operation to control external equipment by opening and closing the circuit contacts. When an error occurs, the chamber stops and the contacts open.
Air compressor

This system is equipped with an air compressor to supply compressed air to the chamber.

  • Compressor: Oil-free scroll compressor (with built-in air dryer)
Air-circulating fan
The chamber comes with an air-circulating fan to improve temperature uniformity of the test area when a heat-generation load is generated in the compact chamber. Only one can be set at the prescribed location (front center interior of the compact chamber).
Chamber fastening bracket
This bracket secures to the floor to prevent the chamber from falling.
Cable port

The chamber comes with one cable port at a prescribed location at the left center of the unit.


Compact chamber cable port (φ50 mm) Test area cable port (φ100 mm)

Cap (φ50, φ100 mm) Fluororubber plug (φ50 mm)

Silicon sponge rubber plug (φ100 mm)

* Air tightness cannot be guaranteed when passing equipment such as a power code through the cable port.

Photo: Cable port

Plug sockets (external)
These sockets are used to electrify the specimen and supply power to peripheral instruments that are used in conjunction with chamber operation.

Photo: Plug sockets (external)

Power cord
  • 5, 10m

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