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Laboratory Testing Services & Consulting

ESPEC provides a comprehensive range of client reliability test services, drawing on our many years of experience and an extensive track record.

Toyota Test Center/ESPEC's largest comprehensive test facility|Utsunomiya Test Center/One of the largest comprehensive test facilities in eastern Japan|Energy Device Environmental Test Center/Specializing in energy devices such as secondary batteries|Kariya Test Center/Assisting development of car electronics|Kobe Test Center/A comprehensive test facility in western Japan

As well as selling environmental test chambers, ESPEC has a long history of environmental test research and test method development.
Drawing on this extensive experience and track record, we assist clients with reliability tests, quality evaluation tests, development tests and safety tests. This assistance is made possible by our reliability evaluation technology, and test technology accumulated in fields as diverse as vehicles, semiconductors, electronic component mounting and secondary batteries.

Test facility information

Laboratory Testing Services
ESPEC has four test facilities located nationwide, all of which can conduct various tests for our clients using an array of equipment. These ISO/IEC17025 certified test facilities provide highly safe and reliable test results.
We consult on all areas ranging from test design to evaluations. We can propose test methods designed to produce impartial test results.