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Rooftop greening at the ESPEC Kobe R&D Center

External Recognition

  • Selected for the first time as a component stock of the FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index.

  • Received Science Based Targets (SBT) certification from the international SBT Initiative for its FY2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets.

  • Received a B rating—the third-highest of eight ratings—in the FY2023 climate change survey conducted by the CDP.

  • Selected for the second time as a Supplier Engagement Leader, the top rank in the CDP Supplier Engagement Ratings.

  • NIKKEI SDGs Logo

    Rated 3.5 stars in the general ranking of the 5th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey organized by Nikkei, Inc. .

  • NIKKEI Smart Work Logo

    Rated 3 stars in the 7th Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey, which selects the leading companies taking on the challenge of productivity innovations through workstyle reforms.

  • Gomez / Excellent ESG website ranking (2023)

    Selected for an excellent company in the Gomez ESG Site Ranking 2023.