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Temperature control up to +500°C or +700°C

2 models available depending on applications: up to +500°C for high temperature life tests or heat resistance tests; up to +700°C for ceramics baking process, or heat resistance tests for highly functional glass and hybrid polymer materials.
The +700°C-type features ceramic fiber and aluminum foil for heat insulation. Various safety mechanisms and protection devices are equipped as standard.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
STPH-102 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +500°C (+932°F) W450×H450×D450 / W1190×H1110×D795
STPH-202 W600×H600×D600 / W1340×H1260×D945
SSPH-102 +100°C (+212°F) to +700°C (+1292°F) W450×H450×D450 / W1190×H1110×D795
SSPH-202 W600×H600×D600 / W1340×H1260×D945

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