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Electro-chemical Migration Evaluation System

Overview of Equipment

More accurate evaluation of insulation resistance

As electronic devices become smaller and denser, electro-chemical migration evaluation and insulation evaluation have become more important. This system can constantly monitor these evaluations more accurately and more efficiently. This system enables easy and efficient insulation resistance evaluation and life evaluation when electro-chemical migration occurs, and it has various applications, from low voltage testing to high voltage testing.

Main specifications

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Resistance measurement range (Ω) 2.0×105 to 1.0×1013(when 100 V is applied)
2.0×103 to 1.0×1011(when 1 V is applied)
Channel configuration 25 to 300 ch per rack
Channel control 5ch 25ch
Measurement voltage DC1.0 to 100V (0.1V increments)
Leak touch detection speed Constant detection at less than 100 µsec


Tests from low-voltage to high-voltage ranges can be conducted
Uniquely designed event detectors
To meet your applications and objectives, from evaluation of low voltage of mobile devices to on-board high voltage devices, we offer a lineup of optional stress constant voltage specifications, including 100 V, 300 V, and 500 V.
High-accuracy measurement
This is a measurement device (150 ch/ device) that conforms to international standards measures all samples, reducing variation in measured values among different channels.
Improved workability and higher efficiency at regular part replacements
Installing a connection unit allows the measurement cables to be easily installed and removed.
The connection unit can be installed on the rack front or on the left or right side, for use according to the installation environment.
Measurement cable
Used for each 5 ch connectors.
Real-time monitoring of 4 environmental test chambers (via Ethernet connection)
Example of connection to a Bench-top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber
Connecting jig (optional)
We offer a connecting jib to best suit your specimen. It enables easy connection of specimen and cable for efficient testing.
Connecting jig (optional)

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