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Efficient evaluation of the reliability of connectors

This system enables continuous measurement of micro resistance values of solder joints and conductor parts of connector contacts in low-temperature and high-temperature thermal cycle environments. Automatic measurement, data storage, and data processing are operated systematically with a computer. Featuring data graphs, compatibility with spreadsheet software, and data processing via LAN, this system enables more accurate and efficient connection reliability evaluation.

Main specifications
item Direct electric current measurement system Alternating electric current measurement system
channel configuration Standard 40 channnels(maximum 280 channnels per rack)
Measurement interval 40 channnels per 12 seconds(@100mΩ)
Resistance measurement range 1×10-3~1×108Ω(1mΩ~100MΩ) 1×10-3~3×103Ω(1mΩ~3KΩ)
Measurement accuracy Real value ±1%, @10mΩ Real value ±0.5%, @100mΩ Real value ±1%, @10mΩ Real value ±0.5%, @100mΩ
Measurement range 10mΩ,100mΩ,1Ω,10Ω,100Ω,1KΩ,10kΩ,100kΩ,1MΩ,10MΩ,100MΩ and Auto 3mΩ,30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,300Ω,3kΩ and Auto
Outside dimensions W530xH1750xD940mm