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Business Summary

ESPEC is the world's leading manufacturer of "environmental test chambers" that support the advancement of cutting-edge technologies.
Through our network that extends to 50 countries worldwide, we provide high-quality products and services to customers around the world. In addition, we provide total solutions for environmental testing through various products and services, all from the customer's perspective.

ESPEC is engaged in three business segments.

Sales composition

Equipment Business
  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • Secondary Battery-related Equipment
  • Measurement & Evaluation Systems /
    Semiconductor-related Equipment
Service Business
  • After-sales Service and Engineering,
    Laboratory Testing Services
  • Analysis, Calibration,
    Equipment Rental, Resale
Other Business
  • Environmental Conservation/
    Plant Production Systems


What is environmental testing?

Electronic devices and industrial products that we rely on every day are impacted by our environment in a number of ways, including temperature, humidity, pressure, light, electromagnetic waves, and vibration. Environmental testing analyzes and evaluates the impact that these environmental factors have on products in order to ascertain their durability and reliability.

Environmental testing

Equipment Business

Environmental Test Chambers

ESPEC provides environmental test chambers with a wide array of product lineups that replicate temperature, humidity and other environmental factors to conduct tests for assuring product reliability.

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Secondary Battery-related Equipment

ESPEC provides devices for testing and assuring reliability and safety of secondary batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Measurement & Evaluation Systems / Semiconductor-related Equipment

ESPEC provides devices and systems for quickly detecting defects in power semiconductors and other electronic components.

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Providing Various Devices to Meet Customers' Needs

  • Eco Cars

    In addition to components, assembled vehicles undergo testing, where impacts of light and vibrations are checked in addition to temperature and humidity.

  • Aircraft

    Complex environments of varying pressure, temperature and humidity are recreated to produce a testing environment similar to high-altitude or air transportation.

  • Pharmaceuticals, Foods, and Cosmetics

    For these products, prolonged temperature and humidity testing are conducted to ensure their properties will not change after long-term storage.

  • Hypoxic Training

    Reduced oxygen conditions are created inside the test area to reproduce a low-oxygen environment similar to altitude training.

Service Business

After-sales Service and Engineering

In addition to after-sales services, ESPEC provides preventive maintenance for our products and offer improvement proposals that allow our customers to feel peace of mind when they use our products.

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We carry out various laboratory tests and other services, including environmental testing consigned by clients. All ESPEC test facilities are ISO/IEC17025 certified by the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB). All the power used in our laboratory testing service centers is derived from renewable energy.

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As a calibration laboratory accredited under the JCSS system, ESPEC provides calibration services for thermometers and humidity measurement devices. We also provide calibration services for environmental test chambers as a calibration laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025.

Equipment Rental

ESPEC also offers rental services. Customers are able to use our temperature chamber when necessary and for the period of time they need.


After rigorous quality inspection of its used environmental test chambers, ESPEC sells them as reused products.

Other Business

Plant Factories, etc.


ESPEC provides green business services such as environmental conservation, plant factory.

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