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For Suppliers: Procurement Activities

Basic Policies on Procurement

1. Openness

We intend to purchase materials from a broad range of sources, be they in or outside of Japan, in order to purchase high-quality, economical and safe materials as per appropriate schedules of delivery.

2.Compliance with Legal Regulations

Our business transactions are conducted in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations of the country or region in which we are doing business. We also require that our business partners comply with those laws and regulations as well as prohibit child, forced labor, and discrimination, and ensure a safe, clean work environment.

3.Green Purchasing

Recognizing that environmental protection is one of the most important global issues and a basis for responsible corporate management, we make efforts to prevent environmental pollution and actively engage in green purchasing. As part of this initiative, we give priority to suppliers who implement ambitious environmental conservation initiatives, and we support those initiatives in any way we can. We also prioritize the purchase of materials that have a small environmental load and that do not contain designated hazardous materials.

4.Fairness and Impartiality

We select suppliers in a fair and impartial fashion based on economic rationality and in all-around consideration of not only compliance with laws and regulations but also quality, price, delivery time, green procurement activities, after-sale support, technological advantage, management condition, etc.

5.Mutual Trust

We hope to build relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers and realize mutual growth through fair transactions. Therefore, we communicate with our suppliers in a fair and sincere fashion, never disclosing confidential information that we obtain through our purchase operations unless prior consent is given. We require the same consideration from our suppliers.