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For suppliers: Procurement Activities

Basic Policies on Procurement

1. Openness

We intend to purchase materials from a broad range of sources, be they in or outside of Japan, in order to purchase high-quality, economical and safe materials as per appropriate schedules of delivery.

2.Fairness and Impartiality

We select suppliers in a fair and impartial fashion based on economic rationality, in all-round consideration of quality, price, delivery time, after-sale service, technological advantage, management condition, etc.

3.Compliance with Legal Regulations

Our business transactions are conducted in compliance with the laws and principles of Japan, and we require that our suppliers comply with those laws as well.

  • Quality
    All the materials to be purchased must clear a required level of quality. Therefore, we believe our suppliers should maintain quality-control systems comparable to our own.
  • Price
    The prices of materials to be purchased have a significant effect on the price-competitiveness of the final products. It is important that each material to be purchased should maintain its price-competitiveness in light of the market price trend.
  • Delivery time
    We expect each supplier to have the ability to respond flexibly to changing market conditions in making deliveries, and of course the ability to comply with a contracted delivery time. We also expect a supplier's production capacity to accommodate a short lead time.
  • After-sale service
    When there is a need to repair procured materials, the supplier must promptly provide the necessary parts and technical assistance.

4.Mutual Trust

We hope to build relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers and realize mutual growth through fair transactions. Therefore, we communicate with our suppliers in a fair and sincere fashion, never disclosing confidential information that we obtain through our purchase operations unless prior consent is given. We require the same consideration from our suppliers.

5.Green Purchasing

Recognizing that environmental protection is one of the most important global issues and a basis for responsible corporate management, we make efforts to prevent environmental pollution and actively engage in green purchasing.