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Stakeholder Engagement

Focusing on dialogue with stakeholders

In order to continue being a company which contributes to society, we value engagement with our stakeholders. For this reason, ESPEC has established a “pledge” for each stakeholder that we want to fulfill by 2025. Based on these pledges, we are focusing on dialogue with each stakeholder, and are working to vitalize communication through a variety of opportunities and mechanisms on a daily basis. As we operate, we are continually considering what is important in order to improve the exchange of value with our stakeholders, and are constructing relationships that better benefit both sides.

ESPEC Vision 2025: Pledges to stakeholders

ESPEC and its employees
  • Clear distribution of profits and compensation according to employee contributions
  • Providing a wide range of “growth support” and “opportunities to shine” to ambitious and talented employees
  • Creation of an environment supporting a diverse range of working styles
ESPEC and its customers
  • Always being the first to provide the optimal functions
  • A continually evolving partner
ESPEC and its shareholders
  • Continually searching for growth opportunities
  • Accurate communication of current and future information
  • Firm commitment to ensuring that management is capable of explaining
ESPEC and its suppliers
  • Fair transactions
  • Welcoming ideas and opinions
ESPEC and local communities
  • Respect for the cultures and traditions of local communities
  • Dynamic and high-quality communication

Primary programs for stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Main methods and opportunities for dialogue
  • Labor-management council
  • 1 on 1 meetings
  • Commitment Sessions
    (target management meetings)
  • Round-up Training Course
  • Direct communication
  • Messages from the president, Bright Working Consulting Office
  • Consultation desk for employees
  • Company internal social media
  • Events
  • Sales activities
  • ESPEC distributor conferences
  • Customer Support Desk
  • Various exhibitions, reliability seminars
  • “Test Navi” information website for engineer
  • Questionnaire surveys
  • Social media "Linkedln"
Shareholders (investors)
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Financial results briefings for institutional investors and securities analysts
  • Corporate briefings for individual investors
  • Meetings with institutional investors
  • Shareholders’ communications, Questionnaire surveys
  • Purchasing activities
  • ESPEC Mutual Prosperity Meetings
  • Meetings for explaining market conditions
  • ESPEC Excellent Supplier Award System
  • Visits to suppliers
Local community・Government・Municipalities
  • Tours of plants and offices
  • ESPEC Green School
  • Accepting classes for hometown experience learning
  • “ESPEC Foundation for Global Environment Research and Technology” public trust
  • events
  • Open Innovation/Technology partnership
  • ESPEC Smile Club
Industry groups
  • Committees and councils