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(The recorder and emergency stop switch are optional)

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Significant reductions in fluid usage make liquid thermal shock affordable

The "liquid to liquid" thermal shock testing draw more and more attention for its ability to impose higher stress on specimens than the classic "air to air" thermal shock tests, but also for delivering quicker test results.

ESPEC developed next-generation equipment satisfying environment conservation by lowering running costs, especially regarding brine and power consumption.

Model Temperature range Basket dimensions / Outside dimensions (mm)
TSB-21 Hot bath: +70 to +200°C (+158 to +392°F)
Cold bath: -65 to 0°C (-85 to +32°F)
W120×H150×D120 / W1140×H1785×D1240
TSB-51 W150×H150×D200 / W1200×H1785×D1320

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