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Weather Simulation Chamber

Custom Product

Reproducing various environmental factors

The environmental conditions required by weather simulation chambers vary depending on the research objective and whether the subjects of research are humans, animals, plants, or industrial products. The ESPEC Weather Simulation Chamber can be used to reproduce one or a combination of weather environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, rain, fog, snow, sunlight, wind, and air composition. In addition to normal environments, this system can create the optimal weather environment for the research objective and subject, whether it is scorching desert, a frigid South Pole, underwater, high altitude, or stratosphere environment.
Photo: Reproducing various environmental factors
  Normal environment (living environment) Extreme environment
Temperature -20 to +45°C -50 to +50°C
Humidity 30 to 90%RH 5 to 100%RH
Rain 0 to 100mm/h -
Atmospheric pressure Atmospheric pressure to pressure equivalent to an altitude of 2000 m Atmospheric pressure to pressure equivalent to an altitude of 9000 m
Sunlight 0 to 1000kcal/m²h -
Wind 0 to 2.5m/s -
Sleep, Wake, and Biorhythm Research and therapy system
The Sleep, Wake, and Biorhythm Research and therapy system performs basic and clinical research on sleep and biorhythm disorders as well as depression and other mood disorders.
  • Neurophysiological research on human sleep
  • Endocrinological and chronobiological research on human circadian rhythm mechanism
  • Measurement of the effects of light on sleep, circadian rhythm, and mood
  • Evaluation of the effects of physiological functions of psychotropic drugs
  • Behavioral and clinical research using polysomnography
  • Simultaneous monitoring of movement disorders and conversion disorders using polygraph and video
  • Development of chronobiological treatment of sleep and biorhythm disorders as well as depression and other mood disorders
Photo: Living module
Living module


Photo: Sleep electroencephalography module
Sleep electroencephalography module
Photo: Control room
Control room


Temperature and humidity range +22°C/60%RH
Temperature and humidity adjustable range span ±1°C/±5%RH
Allowable load 5 people/ventilation of 150 m³/h
Shield 40dB (500k to 200MHz)
Sound insulation D40dB
  • Living module wall-mount high illuminance modulation chamber 10000 to 0LX(manual modulation)
  • Sleep electroencephalography module
    30 to 0LX (manual modulation)
Noise level 55dB (A) At the center of the living module room FL + 1000 mm


Living module Approx. 10130 (W) × 3175 (D) × 2500 (H) mm, 1 room
Sleep electroencephalography module Approx. 2420 (W) × 2100 (D) × 2100 (H) mm, 4 rooms
Front room Approx. 2300 (W) × 2275 (D) × 2100 (H) mm, 1 room
Air conditioner General-purpose package air conditioner
Operation power board Material: cold rolled steel plate
Installed equipment: temperature and humidity setting device, temperature and humidity recorder, etc.


Living module Chamber lamp, unit bathroom, refrigerator, microwave oven,
kitchenette, TV antenna terminal,
heat sensor, indoor security switch, emergency buzzer
Sleep electroencephalography module Chamber lamp, TV camera, bed, emergency buzzer,
heat sensor, indoor security switch,
video monitor, ground terminal, ventilation fan

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