ESPEC Quality is more than a word


Message from the President

  • Chairperson Masaaki Ishida
  • President Satoshi Arata

Utilizing Environmental Creation Technology to create new value that helps build a sustainable society

Our mission is to “provide more dependable living environments through our business activities, centering on Environmental Creation Technology.”
Although social and economic uncertainties are on the rise in the face of accelerating global warming, soaring raw material prices, and emerging geopolitical risks, we will continue to contribute to society through our business, creating new value by leveraging our strength: Environmental Creation Technology.
Technical innovations are accelerating around the world towards the creation of a digital society and achieving zero carbon emissions. Our products and services are an indispensable part of putting cutting-edge technologies to practical use, so they are seeing increasing demand. In FY 2022, we achieved record sales with a significant increase in profits compared to the previous year. In FY 2023, demand remains steady and healthy, particularly in advanced technology fields such as IoT and automobile automation and electrification. In addition, with our overseas sales ratio exceeding 50% for two consecutive years, our sphere of activity is expanding globally. By accurately catering to the growing needs of our customers around the world, we will aim to achieve sustainable growth.
We have reviewed our materiality (important issues) and set KPIs, taking account of changes in the external environment. We have also developed a new corporate value creation process to clarify how we should leverage our resources to provide value in addressing social challenges.
We will continue to promote sustainability management.

Promoting global warming countermeasures and biodiversity conservation

In recent years, global warming has become an urgent issue that is significantly affecting the natural environment and people’s lives, as evidenced by the frequent extreme weather events across the world.
ESPEC has positioned taking measures against global warming as one of our important issues and established targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In July 2023, these targets were recognized by the global Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative as science-based targets and received SBT certification. We are now developing environmentally friendly products and intensifying our activities carried out in collaboration with customers and suppliers, in accordance with our 8th Mid-Term Plan on the Environment. We are also actively working to adopt renewable energy. We successfully introduced it to all our domestic sites by FY 2021, and are currently working to deploy it at our overseas sites. In recognition of these various efforts, we received a score of B for the third consecutive year in the CDP Climate Change Report 2022, and were selected as a Supplier Engagement Leader for the first time.
Regarding biodiversity conservation, we launched the ESPEC 50 Year Forest in FY 2022 as a commemorative project for our 75th anniversary. We will nurture a biodiverse forest, looking ahead to 50 years from now, in order to contribute to environmental improvements such as carbon sequestration, flood prevention, and sediment runoff control, while strengthening our environmental conservation business.

Growing a diverse workforce and creating job satisfaction

The foundation of ESPEC’s value creation is our human resources.
Based on the strategy for organizational development and human resource development in the Progressive Plan 2025 medium-term management plan, we are carrying out organizational innovations so that each individual employee can take autonomous action and achieve growth.
In FY 2022, we introduced a new wage system aimed at achieving a clear distribution of profits and compensation according to employee contributions, as well as an on-demand video learning service that allows employees to study at their own pace.
In addition, to create open and active communication, we held Direct Communication sessions where every employee had the opportunity to have direct dialogue with management. In FY 2023, we started holding 1 on 1 meetings, where managers and their reports can have conversations on a regular basis.
In regard to promotion of women’s participation, we have been providing women’s leadership development training since FY 2013, producing steady results, with several employees promoted to managerial positions after receiving the training. As for senior employees, we introduced a new system for senior full-time employees (limited full-time employees) in FY 2022. Growing a diverse workforce and creating job satisfaction, we will continue to move forward with reforms to become “A growing company overflowing with creativity and vitality.”
To increase compliance awareness and strengthen our internal control system, we have also revised the ESPEC Code of Conduct and Behavior Guidelines, which specifies the principles of corporate behavior and code of conduct applicable to both officers and employees, and made it part of our internal regulations.
We will continue to strive to further increase our corporate value by tackling various social challenges and doing our utmost to resolve them through our business.