Approach to Sustainability

Putting our corporate philosophy (THE ESPEC MIND) and ESPEC Vision into practice

Our corporate philosophy (THE ESPEC MIND) includes the concept of corporations as public institutions that we have carried on since our founding, and the desire to contribute to society through our business and construct good relationships with all of our stakeholders. Our sustainability management represents putting THE ESPEC MIND into practice, and is our program aimed at achieving the EPSEC Vision 2025. Working for continuing growth, we have formulated a sustainability policy and identified the materiality (important issues) needed in order to provide value.

ESPEC Vision 2025: Our vision of the future

ESPEC approach
  • ESPEC - Integrating the <Environment> on a global scale
  • A company which contributes to the safety and reliability of advanced technologies
  • A growing company overflowing with creativity and vitality
ESPEC business
  • We are an essential presence for global cutting-edge technologies
  • We are the first to identify new needs
  • We have constructed a strong system for sales and services in the global market
ESPEC culture
  • We are creating a more progressive culture through activities by members who are filled with an adventurous spirit

Sustainability policy

  • By putting our corporate philosophy (THE ESPEC MIND) into practice, we are working to create and improve both social value and economic value.
  • By maintaining a good exchange of value with our stakeholders, we are aiming for continuing growth.
  • Based on ESPEC Vision 2025, we will contribute to solutions for the global environment and social issues through our business activities, centering on Environmental Creation Technology.
  • We will engage in active disclosure of information related to sustainability.


Materiality (important issues)

  • Innovations in business structures
  • Strengthening functions
  • Preservation of the global environment
  • Strengthening governance
  • Developing human resources and vitalizing workplaces
  • Promoting diversity and respecting human rights

Process for identifying materiality

When identifying materiality, we first referred to GRI standards, SDGs, external investigations, and other materials, and identified the issues at our company. Next from the identified issues, we selected the issues which we will address in order to achieve continuing growth from the perspective of consistency with THE ESPEC MIND and ESPEC Vision 2025. The selected issues were reported to the Board of Directors, and were prescribed as ESPEC materiality.