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Corporate Data


Company Name ESPEC CORP.
Head office

Photo: Head office

3-5-6 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8550 , Japan

Founded July 25, 1947
Incorporated January 13, 1954
Capital 6,895 million yen
Stock Listings 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Number of Shares Issued 23,781,394 shares
Net Sales 44,069 million yen (consolidated)
Number of Employees 1,488 (consolidated),
818 (non-consolidated)

As of March 31, 2018

Our Directors

President & Representative Director Masaaki Ishida


April 1977
Joined ESPEC
June 2008
June 2009
Managing Director
April 2011
President & Representative Director (present position)
Managing Director Taneo Shimada
Managing Director Kunikazu Ishii
Senior Exective Officer
Kazuhiro Suehisa
Senior Exective Officer
Satoshi Arata
Outside Director Hiroyuki Nagano


April 1978
Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation)
April 2009
President, Panasonic Plasma Display Co., Ltd.
April 2012
Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Management of Industry and Technology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
April 2013
Professor, Institute for Research Promotion and Collaboration, University of Hyogo (present position)
June 2016
Director at ESPEC (present position)
Outside Director Toshiya Kosugi


April 1982
Joined Nippon Electric Company, Limited
August 1991
Joined McKinsey & Company
October 1992
Manager, Personnel & General Affairs Department, Uniden Corporation
August 1994
Director, Human Resources Division, Apple Computer, Inc., Sr. Director, Apple Japan
May 2010
Representative, Truth, Human Science, and Management Organization Laboratory LLC (present position)
June 2015
Outside Director, D-CIRCLE inc. (present position)
April 2016
Project Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University (present position)
June 2017
Director at ESPEC (present position)
Outside Director, Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. / The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. (present position)
The Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Mitsuru Murakami
The Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshito Imaishi
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tetsuo Yamamoto


October 1979
Passed the national bar examination
April 1982
Registered with the Osaka Bar Association
April 1984
Partner in Harada & Yamamoto Law Office
April 2006
Launched Yamamoto Law Office (present position)
June 2013
Auditor at ESPEC (present position)
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masahiko Tsutsumi


April 1978
Joined Auditing Firm Chuo Accounting Office
February 1981
Registered as a certified public accountant
February 1994
Launched Tsutsumi Certified Public Accountant's Office (present position)
June 2005
Outside Audit&Supervisory Board Member, Auditor at Toyo Shutter Co., Ltd. (present position)
June 2014
Auditor at ESPEC (present position)
Senior Exective Officer Seiichi Murakami
Senior Exective Officer Keiji Oshima
Exective Officer Toshiyuki Hamano
Exective Officer Kenji Fuchita
Exective Officer Jyunko Nishitani
Exective Officer Katsuhiko Watabe

As of June 22, 2018