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Semiconductor Parametric Test System

Overview of Equipment

Support from the package level to the wafer level

As wafers become larger in diameter, smaller in size, and more highly integrated, reliability testing of single unit transistors is becoming increasingly important.
This system can measure the electrical characteristics and continuous changes of high accuracy voltage and current application and FET single unit transistors, collect the data on a computer, monitor the data, and perform other central management tasks.。

Main specifications

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Measurement program FET single unit transistor measurement library, 48 types
Temperature control Temperature chamber (ESPEC bench-top type temperature (& humidity) chamber SU-661) Full, semi-auto, manual prober (Contact us about the manufacturer)
Temperature control range -60 to +150°C
SMU performance Voltage ±50 V / current ±100 mA
DUT connection DUT board (6 sockets)
・DIP600mil, 28pins
・DIP300mil, 16pins
Probe guard (for high temperature, micro current)
* Available depending on the layout.


Batch processing of multiple DUTs
Simultaneously applies stress to and measures up to 108 SMUs on the package level and up to 324 SMUs on the wafer level.
Number of DUT processes
* Additional software (optional) is required to perform TDDB evaluation.
Highly-accurate application and measurement of voltage and current
The accuracy of the multi SMU has a range of 2 voltages and 9 currents at ±50 V/±100 mA, and the system can apply and measure a wide range with a resolution of 1 mV/1 pA.
FET single unit transistor characteristics support TDDB evaluation
Using the 2-terminal (Drain/Gate) and 4-terminal (Drain/Gate/Base/Source) settings, the FET single unit transistor can evaluate I-V characteristics, HCI, and NBTI.
In addition, the optional TDDB evaluation software can be used to evaluate TDDB, TZDB, SBD, QDB, I-V, BDV, and more.
Use software to change pin assignments
Change the terminal settings by cabinet (36 SMUs ×3 sets). In addition, changes can be made to the pad layout for the same number of terminals on the application for each multi SMU, thereby enabling changes to the pin assignments with the same probe guard.
Avoid electrostatic breakdown
To avoid static electricity from human bodies, a short connector is provided that prevents damage to the FET. The wiring on the DUT board is guarded to the socket source so as not to be affected by electrical noise. (Package level evaluation)
DUT board with short connector (test area)

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