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Low Temperature (& Humidity) FM Chamber

This is the successor model to
Faster Temp. (& Humid.) Chamber SM series and
Low Temp. (& Humid.) Chamber FM series.

The FD series is desirable for testing large assemblies and completed products such as lithium-ion battery modules, EV powertrain, PV modules and avionics components, etc.
The right solution to meet your applications and various test standards such as MIL, ISO, IEC, and LV 124.

  • Size variations are available in the range from 1m3 to 12m3, depending on your application.
  • Additional safety features are also available for the LiB tests.
  • Tests in-situ or full-size samples are possible even for EV powertrains and instrument clusters, not requiring you to prepare test coupons or reduce-size test pieces.
  • Photovoltaic modules durability, reliability tests according to IEC/JIS standards.
  • Ideal for secondary battery charge / discharge testing with inner size flexible design.
Test area
Test area
Temperature-Humidity control range (Model:FDS,FDL)
Temperature-Humidity control range (Model:FDS,FDL)
Main specifications
Temperature (humidity) control system Balanced temperature control system Balanced temperature humidity control system Balanced temperature control system Balanced temperature humidity control system
Temperature range -40°C ~ +180°C -40°C ~ +180°C -70°C ~ +180°C -70°C ~ +180°C
Humidity range - 20 ~ 95% - 20 ~ 95%
Temperature change rate (Reference example) -18°C ⇔ 158°C 3°C/min or more
(No specimen, average, during the test -40°C ⇔ +180°C)
-45°C⇔155°C 3°C/min or more
(No specimen, average, during the test -70°C ⇔ +180°C)

※Temperature change rate shown above are a reference case. This may not be possible due to the internal volume.

Reference dimensions
Size variation 01800 02400 03375 04500 08000 11000
W(mm)*1 1200 2000 1500 2000 2000 2500
H(mm)*1 1000 1200 1500 1500 2000 2000
D(mm)*1 1500 1000 1500 1500 2000 2200
Inside capacity(L) 1800 2400 3375 4500 8000 11000

* We can meet various customers requirements by combining temperature and humidity performance with the chamber dimensions shown above.

*1 Excluding partial protrusions.

* The specifications will be adjusted according to customer requirements for the thermal cycle test (IEC 61215 10.11, JIS C 8990), humidity freeze test (IEC 61215 10.12, JIS C 8990), and damp heat test (IEC 61215 10.13, JIS C 8990).

* This series supports hot-spot testing when combined with a solar simulator.

* These models can also support DML testing (IEC 61215 10.16, JIS C8990) when combined with the mechanical load test.


· Condensation freezing/ thermal cycle
(IEC61646 Eddition 2.0 2998-05)

Specimen: 15 panel modules of L1195 × W1335 × T36 mm

Supports the continuous operation with specimens under the condition of +85°C/85%rh for 1,000 hour

Lowest attainable temperature -60°C

· Condensation freezing/ thermal cycle
(IEC61646 Edition 2.0 2998-05)

Specimen: 15 panel modules of L1800 × W1300 × T50 mm/L1482 × H985 × T50 mm

* The height of the guide plate can be adjusted to the module size to be put in the chamber.

Lowest attainable temperature -60°C

* Reference IE61645 Edition 2.0 2998-05

Condensation Freezing Cycle Test
Graph: Condensation Freezing Cycle Test

Use the following options if there is a possibility that acetic acid or phthalic acid may be generated from the specimen during operation at high temperature and humidity.


  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • Drain pipe stainless steel specifications