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PV I-V Evaluation System (PV Thermal-Light Combo Test System)

A fusion of a solar simulator and environmental test chamber

This system combines a solar simulator, which artificially reproduces solar light, and an environmental test chamber and electronic measurement technology developed by ESPEC over many years, and it provides a testing environment that cannot be achieved simply with independent evaluation.

This system enables evaluation of changes in characteristics of solar cells under various temperature and humidity environments and the obtaining of changes in characteristics under specific temperature, humidity (and solar) environments over time.

  • Compact design

    Optimal compact design for R&D locations.

  • Meets various evaluation needs

    The environmental testing part uses the Bench-top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber that enables highly-accurate and wide-ranging reproduction of temperature and humidity environments, and the light source uses a high-accuracy xenon light source to meet various evaluation needs.

    The ceiling surface of the environmental test chamber is equipped with an optical window for light irradiation. The use of the dew condensation prevention function controls the formation of dew condensation on the irradiation window at high temperature and humidity and at low temperatures, and it creates a stable light irradiation environment under wide-ranging temperature and humidity conditions.

  • Supports analysis of degradation phenomenon

    Synchronized setting of the environmental test chamber and light source can be performed, and detailed testing schedules, such as the measurement timing of characteristics, can be set.

    It also supports analysis of degradation phenomenon by obtaining the changes in solar cell characteristics in environmental degradation testing over time.

    In addition to the display of individual results online, various analysis functions have been added, including time change graphs for various characteristic parameters online and correlation graphs between parameters.

Main specifications
Target work Max 156 × 156 mm
Light source Xenon light source (illuminance: 1 sun equivalent)
Environmental test chamber Temperature setting range: -40 to 150°C
Humidity setting range: 30 to 95%rh
Equipped with optical window for light irradiation
(with function to prevent dew condensation)
Measurement items I-V characteristics, illuminance, nearby cell temperature