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High-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber

Custom Product

Today, the automotive industry accelerates electronic multi-functions. According to this trend, safety standards such as ISO26262 and IEC61508 require high environmental stress that is generated by thermal shock chambers for higher reliability of vehicle equipments.

The HRS and HRG models are the ideal temperature and humidity chambers for environmental testing of automotive parts for which test demands are becoming stricter.

It is available from a 306-liter or 800-liter capacity, a temperature rate of change of 5°C, 10°C or 15°C per minute, and whether or not to have humidity control.

Not only do these models feature a high temperature rate of change performance, but by adding an added boiler humidifier, the humidity change time can be shortened and dew condensation test standards for automotive parts (e.g. in-vehicle Li-ion battery modules, electric turbochargers, intercoolers, radiators, and in-vehicle inverters) can be supported.

These models use the same touch panel instrumentation adopting Platinous flagship series for improving operability.

Same instrumentation as standard chambers for easy operation
These models use the operation mode screen based on the functions of our Platinous flagship series, maintaining consistency in operability.
Safety devices
It is possible to equip safety devices for testing flammable or gaseous specimens, including rechargeable batteries and fuel cells.

Typical devices:

  • Pressure release vent
  • Gas detector
  • Forced ventilation system
  • CO2 gas extinguisher
  • Safety lock mechanism

* Be sure to install the safety device if the chamber is used for charge-discharge testing or testing Li-ion battery packs or Li-ion battery modules.

Model Temperature range Humidity range Performance Inside dimensions
Outside dimensions
Inside capacity
Specimen Temperature rise/fall time
Temperature rate of change
HRS-306L -70 to +180°C 20 to 98%rh Iron 5 kg −55 ⇔ +125°C
Heat up: within 36 min. (5°C/min.)
Cool down: within 36 min. (5°C/min.)
HRG-306L -
HRS-306M 20 to 98%rh −55 ⇔ +125°C
Heat up: within 18 min. (10°C/min.)
Cool down: within 18 min. (10°C/min.)
HRG-306M -
HRS-306H 20 to 98%rh None −45 ⇔ +155°C
Heat up: within 9 min. (23°C/min.)
Cool down: within 11 min. (18°C/min.)
HRG-306H -
HRS-800L 20 to 98%rh Iron 5 kg −55 ⇔ +125°C
Heat up: within 36 min. (5°C/min.)
Cool down: within 36 min. (5°C/min.)
HRG-800L -
HRS-800M 20 to 98%rh −55 ⇔ +125°C
Heat up: within 18 min. (10°C/min.)
Cool down: within 18 min. (10°C/min.)
HRG-800M -
HRS-800H 20 to 98%rh None −45 ⇔ +155°C
Heat up: within 13 min. (15°C/min.)
Cool down: within 13 min. (15°C/min.)
HRG-800H -
* Customized parts. Each comes with a specimen temperature control function.
* Temperature rate of change indicated under performance is ramp operation (rate control) chamber performance.
Actual application examples
15°C/min Specimen: ECU
· -40°C
7°C/min Specimen: PTC test
· -40°C
15°C/min Specimen: ECU
· -40°C