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Overview of Equipment

Online Operations Expanding thd Possibilities for Environmental Testing

Chamber Web Functions

Chamber Web Functions

Environmental test chambers that include a web application can be operated remotely from a web browser.

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Central control system

Central control system
ESPEC OnlineCore

The operating status oof multiple chambers can be quickly ascertained via a web browser just by connecting to an Internet environment.

Central management monitor

Up to 100 environmental test chambers and peripheral equipment units can be connected.

Open chamber webpages (by clicking their IP addresses).

The layout, display format, sizes, and other characteristics of the connected equipment on the monitor can be changed.

Change between a floor display and list display.

Schedule management

Manage the schedules of registered chambers.

Open chamber webpages from the schedule screen (by clicking the icons).

Central control system optional

Test Management Advanced Package

All-in-one package for everything from test data collection to report creation

Save the long duration test data

  • The test data files stored in ESPEC chambers are saved in ESPEC OnlineCore.
  • The storage capacity is enough for around 10 years of data from 100 chambers.

Automatic transmission of test data

  • Test data is automatically transmitted to the specified FTP server and saved as backup for redundant management.

Automatic creation of graph display and test reports

  • Graph display, comment input, simplified analysis, and conversion to CSV output files are all possible.

Automatic aggregation of chamber operating rate

  • Understanding the operating status makes it easier to plan for chamber expansion or dismantling.

Test planning and progress management

Schedule progress screen

Monitor display for each group

  • Connected equipment can be grouped as needed, according to individual floors, rooms, or other units.
  • Up to 10 groups can be registered.

Display of the selected floor

Maintenance Management Package

Together wit h the test management functions, centrally managing chamber maintenance data with ESPEC OnlineCore makes it possible to efficiently check the required information when necessary.

Central maneagement of repair history

Maintenance plans

  • The list shows the registered schedules and records of diagnoses, repairs,inspections, calibrations, etc.

Maintenance plan list screen

Linked schedule

Streamlining test preparation with shareable test information

Chamber information

  • Register management information and chamber specifications. Check the temperature and humidity range as well as the test area size when selecting the chamber.

Automatic aggregation of everything from chamber maintenance costs to operating rate

Maintenance data aggregation

Operating rate aggregation for all chambers

Averages for each chamber

Test Chambers