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High Temperature Reverse Bias Test System

supported tests:
High Temperature Reverse Bias Test (HTRB)
High Temperature Gate Bias Test (HTGB)
High Humidity High Temperature Reverse Bias Test(H3TRB)

The system performs time-dependent breakdown evaluation of power semiconductor insulating film under high-temperature, high-voltage stress conditions.
With high-accuracy measurement and product damage prevention functions, the system can be used for failure analysis during device development and reliability evaluation.
For leakage current measurement, a high voltage of up to 3000 V is applied to the power semiconductors, generally IGBTs, MOSFETs, and diodes.

[Main Features]

① Two tests in just one chamber
The system combines HTRB and HTGB test functions into one.

② Highly accurate current measurement with device-specific current measurement circuit
Current measurement is possible at both the drain (collector) and gate terminals for each device.
This makes it possible to determine if a device has failed even when testing multiple devices simultaneously.

③ IV characteristic measurement with no need to change device connections
To measure device characteristic changes over time, IV measurement is possible at any time before, during, or after the test.

④ Device damage reduction functions
If a device fails under stress conditions, the generated current surge can result in damage to other devices.
To minimize damage to samples, the system includes protective functions such as surge suppression and fast shutdown.
These protective functions are also provided for each device to prevent other devices from being affected if any one device fails.

Photo: Inside chamber
Inside chamber
Photo: Test board
DUT board(TO-220, TO-247, TO-3P, Compatible socket)
Main specifications
Stress voltage(DC) 100〜3000V, 0V (HTGB)
Gate voltage(DC) -30V〜+30V(option: -45V~+45V)
Number of channels maximum 48ch
Temperature range max 200℃(option: maximum 250℃)