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High Temperature Reverse Bias Test System

This system measures and evaluates leak current behavior under stress conditions due to high temperature and high voltage in time dependent breakdown tests of insulating film of power devices.

This system applies a reverse bias of from several hundred to 3,000 V between D and S on the IGBT, power MOSFET, or other power semiconductor, the Ice/Ids leak current value is measured, and the data is regularly logged. Logging data can be saved in a CSV file, and the change over time can be evaluated.

The Test System performs acceleration by high temperature as deterioration acceleration.

The hot chamber comes with a chamber for semiconductor evaluation of various test area sizes and temperature control range to accommodate the number of evaluation samples.

In high temperature reverse bias testing, the specimen is subjected to the stress of high voltage and temperature, so consideration is given to device protection and worker safety, and the facility safety specifications of the user are also met.

This system can also be used as a withstand voltage evaluation device for IGBTs, power MOSFETs, and diodes as well as other elements.

It comes with a 350°C heat-resistant socket jig that uses contact pin material and specially developed ceramic material that supports testing at high temperatures of 350°C.

Photo: Inside chamber
Inside chamber
Photo: Test board
Test board
System block diagram
Figure: System block diagram
Main specifications
Drain power supply 0 to 2000 V or 0 to 3000 V
Gate power supply 0 to ±30 V or 0 to ±35 V
Number of channels 12ch / 24ch / 48ch
Temperature control Connection type in DUT board test area
200°C or 350°C
DUT board Heat-resistant board 200°C or 350°C