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Constant Climate Cabinet

Overview of Equipment

High performance and reliability come in a compact package, for a wide range of temperature/humidity testing needs.

Continuous improvement in the design of constant-temperature (and humidity) cabinets now with remote monitoring and control via PC Ethernet connection and web browser. The line-up consists of six models, four temperature/humidity ranges and two size variations, 105-liters and 206-liters, to accommodate your needs.


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Model Temperature & humidity range Inside/Outside
LH-114 (Ambient temp.+10ºC)to+85ºC /
45 to 95%rh
W500×H600×D390 /
LHL-114 +5 to +85ºC / 40 to 95%rh
LHU-114 -20 to +85ºC / 40 to 95%rh
LHU-124 W500×H750×D590 /
LU-114 -20 to +85ºC W500×H600×D390 /
LU-124 W500×H750×D590 /


Superior stability
With their highly efficient refrigeration system and outstanding thermal insulation, ESPEC's constant climate cabinets are ideal for use in laboratories and research facilities. They offer a wide temperature/ humidity range, and create a stable cabinet environment with a temperature gradient/ variation of 5°C.
Patented cross-output control system reduces required power
The LHU-124 model's cross-output control system lowers the maximum current during operation, reducing the amount of required power.
Control panel / USB memory port
Remote monitoring and control
(Ethernet connection)
You can connect the cabinet to your local area network. By doing so, you can control and monitor the cabinet from any computer on the network, using a web browser. You can program test patterns, start and stop the operation without being at the site. (This operation can only be performed when the power breaker is "ON".)
Using sampling data
Sampling data (temperature set point and process value) can be copied via a USB memory device or recorded directly. It is also possible to copy program patterns between cabinets without using a PC, enabling effective use of data.
* USB memory is not included.
Test area
Editing program patterns and displaying graphs
The program patterns registered in the test cabinet can be edited via web browser and sampling data can be displayed as graphs. Using the PC application software "Pattern Manager Lite", program patterns on a PC can be edited, displayed as graphs or output as CSV data even if offline.
Easy-to-use instrumentation
Unlike the smartphones, the controller comes with resistive touchscreen which allows you to operate without taking off your gloves.
Various items, including operation settings and cabinet setup, can be selected with the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Test Chambers