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High performance and reliability come in a compact package, for a wide range of temperature/humidity testing needs.

Continuous improvement in the design of constant-temperature (and humidity) cabinets now with remote monitoring and control via PC Ethernet connection and web browser. The line-up consists of six models, four temperature/humidity ranges and two size variations, 105-liters and 206-liters, to accommodate your needs.

Model Temp. & humidity range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
LH-114 (Ambient temp. +10) to +85ºC [+185ºF] / 45 to 95%rh W500×H600×D390 / W680×H1090×D826
LHL-114 +5 to +85ºC [+41 to +185ºF] / 40 to 95%rh
LHU-114 -20 to +85ºC [-4 to +185ºF] / 40 to 95%rh
LHU-124 W500×H750×D590 / W680×H1240×D1026
LU-114 -20 to +85ºC [-4 to +185ºF] W500×H600×D390 / W680×H1090×D826
LU-124 W500×H750×D590 / W680×H1240×D1026

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