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TDDB (Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown) Evaluation System

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For reliability evaluation of oxide film

Reliability evaluation of oxide film is in demand as an evaluation closely connected with the reliability of LSIs, which continue to become denser and have higher functionality.

This system plays an important role in identifying the cause of a failure due to oxide film characteristics and flattening, and the reduction in resistance of insulation oxide film due to the thinning of the wafer, glass substrate, and package.

Main specifications
Voltage/current application range -50V to +50V / -100mA to +100mA
Resolution 1 mV increments / 1 pA increments
Voltage/current measurement range -50 V to +50 V / -100 mA to +100 mA
Number of SMUs 36 SMU units (up to 324 SMUs)