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VOC Emission Test Chamber

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Model VOC-010 VOC-020
Compact chamber Temperature control range +20 to +100°C :
At test operation (no load, with specimen)
+80 to +250°C :
Heat processing operation time (no load, no specimen)
Temperature and humidity control range 30 to 90%RH (at+20 to +50°C)(no load, with specimen)
Temperature and humidity control width ±0.5°C / ±5% (no load, no specimen)
Temperature and humidity distribution width*1 ±1.0°C / ±5% (no load, no specimen)
Background concentration Less than 2 µg/m³ for single substance concentration
Less than 20 µg/m³ for TVOC concentration
Air exchange rate 0.2 to 2.0 times per hour (at test operation) 0.2 to 1.5 times per hour (at test operation)
Air exchange rate control width ±5% (air exchange rate of 0.5 times per hour or higher)
Mass transfer coefficient 9 to 18m/h (water vapor conversion)
Air tightness Air leakage under 1% of supply air amount (at air exchange rate of 0.5 times per hour)
Recovery rate 80% or higher (Toluene)
Effective inner dimension
(W × H × D mm)
1000 × 1100 × 810 2000 × 1100 × 810
(Inner capacity: Approx. 1 m³) (Inner capacity: Approx. 2 m³)
Material (Configuration) Stainless steel plate (full circumference welded structure)
Door effective dimension (W × H mm) 1000 × 1100 2000 × 1100
Door lock Latch lock (6 locations) Latch lock (16 locations)
Outside dimensions (W × H × D mm) 2250 × 1950 × 1520 3250 × 1950× 1520
Door effective dimension (W × H mm) 1600 × 1570 2600 × 1570
Air circulator Cross line flow fan
Refrigerator Indoor air-cooled fully sealed (Refrigerant: R134a)
Heater Nichrome strip wire heater
Evaporator Multistage plate fin cooler
Chamber weight Approx. 1000 kg Approx. 1800 kg
Accessories Recorder (paperless recorder), Integrating hour meter, Caster, Sampling port for specimen collection (2 locations), Air-circulating fan (VOC-020)
Utility requirements Power source facilities Power supply AC200V 3φ 3W 50/60Hz Allowable voltage fluctuation :
Rated voltage ±5% (The allowable operating range is the rated voltage ±10%)
Maximum load capacity 11.5kVA (15.8kVA when equipped with air compressor)
Maximum current 32.0A (45.6A when equipped with air compressor)
Leakage breaker capacity 40A (50A when equipped with air compressor)
Compressed air Discharged air flow 160 L/min or highe (atmospheric pressure) Oil-free
Control pressure 0.6 to 0.9MPa
Connection tube outer diameter φ10mm
Exhaust Exhaust duct diameter φ100mm (Flange diameter φ150mm)
Discharge air volume Max. 120 m³/h or higher
Construction requirements
  • Constructed with metal duct.
  • Total pressure loss of exhaust duct at 100 Pa or lower.
Supply water Quality Pure water (Quality equivalent to A1 water specified in JIS K0557)
Maximum water supply rate 20L (manual supply)
Natural drainage pipe Indirect drain VP30 1 units
Floor load capacity 350kg/m² 350kg/m²

*1 Measurement method complies with Japan Testing Machinery Association (JTM). However, the calculation method is half the maximum value minus the minimum value when stable.

  • This is the measured performance at the control point after stable operation for 30 minutes with an ambient temperature of +5 to +32°C and no load.
  • The allowable voltage fluctuation is within ±5% of the rated voltage, and the allowable frequency fluctuation is within ±1% of the rated frequency.
  • TVOC concentration of installation space (supply air) must be less than 300 μg/m³, and there must not be a significant fluctuation.

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