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Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

BTHC system [ 47sec ]

Platinous J Series

Photo: Platinous J Series
Introducing controllability of N-controller, option and accessories and daily maintenance
Capture: Program copy via USB memory
  • Program copy via USB memory

[ 30sec ]


Capture: Wide-view door (Option)
  • Wide-view door (Option)

[ 17sec ]


Capture: Setting samples
  • Setting samples

[ 20sec ]


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Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

AR Chamber Series Rapid-Rate Temperature Cycle Chamber

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Thermal Shock Chamber

TSA How it works [ 1min 26sec ]

TSD (TSE) How it works [ 49sec ]

Thermal Shock Chamber TSA series

Thermal Shock Chamber TSD

Thermal Shock Chamber TSE

Image: Thermal Shock Chamber TSE
Introducing the function.
Capture: Traveling test area
  • Traveling test area

[ 35sec ]


Thermal Shock Chamber TSB

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Custom Products

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Environmental Test Chambers Network

ESPEC Online Series

Image: ESPEC Online Series
Introducing network control system up to 100units of test equipment and other function for quick recovery from test malfunction
Capture: Web integrated Network System
  • Web integrated Network System

[ 3min 15sec ]


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Measurement & Evaluation Systems / Semiconductor-related Equipment

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