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Industrial Ovens Large Volume Temperature Chamber

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For production lines processes

The Large Capacity Temperature Chamber is suitable for drying, baking or anneal treatment processes. Both forced hot air circulation and ventilation system can be selected by damper switching.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
LKS-3C (Ambient temp. +40)℃ to +200℃ W1500×H1500×D1000 / W2450×H2040×D1265
LKS-4C W1800×H1500×D1500 / W2750×H2040×D1765
HLKS-3C (Ambient temp. +60)℃ to +300℃ W1500×H1500×D1000 / W2450×H2040×D1265
HLKS-4C W1800×H1500×D1500 / W2750×H2040×D1765

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