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THB (Temperature Humidity Bias) Evaluation System

The THB Evaluation System is a reliability test system that applies voltage at high temperature and humidity to allow automotive semiconductors, etc. to achieve high reliability under rigorous conditions compared to consumer semiconductors.

The features of the chamber support various types of devices while allowing heat generation of devices up to 500 W in high temperature and humidity environments.

It provides custom support for static burn-in, dynamic burn-in, and monitor burn-in, according to your needs, and it offers the optimal system to meet your temperature and humidity range and test quantity demands.

Applicable devices
  • Automotive semiconductors

    Microcontrollers, HIC, and other automotive semiconductors are a major component technology for controlling automotive electronics, and the market is expected to grow by more than 10% annually. As a large trend in on-board electronic technology, electric vehicles (EV) have developed rapidly in recent years together with improvements in in-car networks, mechatronics, and safety.

    In the continually growing automotive semiconductor market, the importance of reliability testing and evaluation is increasing to ensure safety as processes become more intricate and new materials are used.

Features and application
  • Achieve highly accurate temperature and humidity control over a wide range

    With the use of a refrigerator system equipped with a no-stage control electronic expansion valve, highly accurate temperature and humidity control can be achieved over a wide range not only for a normal environment of 85°C and 85% RH.

  • Highly accurate temperature and humidity control even with high heat generation

    With the use of a large air capacity sirocco fan and a chamber rack structure that ensures temperature uniformity, this system enables high accuracy testing even at device heat generation of up to 500 W. (Allowable heat of 500 W at 85°C and 85% RH)

  • New refrigeration system that achieves an energy savings of 30%

    The development of ESPEC's new refrigeration capacity control system reduces power consumption by as much as 67% compared to conventional products for major energy savings. (ESPEC comparison)

  • Low noise level

    The exhaust heat blower, which accounts for much of the noise generated by the chamber, is equipped with a low-noise level fan to greatly contribute to an improvement in the equipment environment.

  • Environmentally-friendly system

    With a design focused on recycling, the use of HFC refrigerant with a zero ozone layer depletion coefficient, and a space-saving ceiling ventilation system (air cooled system), this product was designed with the environment in mind.

Appearance/system block diagram (example)
Figure: Appearance/system block diagram (example)
Item Specifications
Temperature/humidity range 50°C to 95°C/70% to 95%RH(50°C to 85°C)
Temperature and humidity distribution performance ±2°C/±5%RH (no specimen)
Allowable heat load 500 W (at 85°C/85% RH)

External dimensions

  1. Chamber
  2. System rack
1583 (W) × 1970 (H) × 1347 (D) mm
530 (W) × 1810 (H) × 1200 (D) mm
DUT power specifications Customized to your needs
Clock specifications Customized to your needs
DUT power supply input cutoff Sequence can be operated by program
Burn-in controller (touch panel)
  1. Burn-in time setting
  2. Remaining burn-in time monitor
  3. DUT power supply, clock signal ON/OFF, operation sequence by zone
  4. Specimen sampling during testing function