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Social Media Policy

ESPEC CORP. (hereinafter “ESPEC”) stipulates and abides by the following Social Media Policy, which outlines the operation of its official social media accounts and the use of social media by its officers and employees.

  1. Purpose of ESPEC’s Use of Social Media

    ESPEC uses social media services for promotions, announcements, and public relations activities to inform more people about its products and services and to enhance its brand value.

  2. Guidelines for Use of Social Media by ESPEC’s Officers and Employees

    We, ESPEC’s officers and employees are expected to use social media services with complete awareness of ESPEC’s responsibilities and the impact of sharing information on social media, and to keep the followings in mind while using social media services:.

    1. We observe the relevant laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, comply with ESPEC Code of Conduct and Behavior Guidelines as expected under ESPEC’s Corporate Philosophy (THE ESPEC MIND), and act appropriately as a responsible member of society.
    2. We recognize the value of engagement with customers regarding any information they may need, and promote two-way communication by listening to various opinions and being aware of negative information, while responding sincerely and proactively.
    3. We gather information fairly and appropriately through legitimate means, and strive to maintain confidentiality of customers by handling confidential and personal information appropriately.
    4. We recognize ESPEC’s obligation to convey information responsibly, understanding the possibility that information disclosed on the Internet can reach a number of unspecified users, and that deleting such information may not be completely possible.
    5. We share information and engage in dialogue in sensible moderation and without attempting to disguise our identity.
    6. We follow the applicable rules of the social media services, and respect the culture and manners of such social media.
    7. We respect the rights of others, among others, those to personal information and privacy, and take care not to defame others in any way.
  3. Notices and Requests to Customers or Other Users

    1. Any information posted by ESPEC on its official social media accounts is current as of when it is provided and may be subject to change under certain circumstances.
    2. Any information posted by ESPEC on its official social media accounts does not necessarily represent ESPEC’s official announcements or positions. ESPEC’s official announcements and positions should be confirmed on ESPEC’s corporate website, in news releases, or through other means.
    3. Each official social media account may offer different contents or interactive services (inquiry handling, response times and methods, etc.).
    4. Any official social media account may be removed or suspended in whole or in part without notice at ESPEC’s discretion.
    5. If ESPEC deems any comments, posts, or other acts on its official social media account inappropriate, such as acts that interfere with ESPEC’s management or operation, or acts that infringe rights of third parties, ESPEC reserves the right to delete such acts, block the offender’s account or take any other actions, at its discretion.
    6. Any customers or users, who post their works in the comment section or anywhere on ESPEC’s official social media accounts, retains their copyrights to such works, provided they do not violate the applicable rules of the social media service. However, please note that, by posting your works, you are granting ESPEC non-exclusive, perpetual and royalty-free rights to use such works (including use by quotation, publication, reproduction, summary, excerpt, adaptation, translation, public transmission, and sublicensing), and that you are agreeing to waive any moral rights regarding the use of such works by ESPEC.
    7. ESPEC may use comments and posts made by customers and users in data analyses for its future activities and marketing. However, please note that, even in such situations, ESPEC will not provide to such customers or users any remuneration for its use, or any rights on the development of its products or services, for which their comments or posts are used.
    8. Any information provided by third parties other than ESPEC will not be associated with ESPEC in any way whatsoever. ESPEC is not responsible for any damages, trouble, or disputes caused by information provided by third parties.
    9. Any information posted by ESPEC on its official social media service accounts is protected by the copyright act, various treaties, and other applicable laws and regulations. Except for use specifically permitted by ESPEC or for non-commercial personal use or other use explicitly allowed by the laws or regulations, any use (including, reproduction, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, sale, etc.) of such information will constitute copyright infringements under the copyright act or illegal activities under other laws or regulations.
  4. Official ESPEC Social Media Accounts

    ■ List of official accounts