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Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber

Overview of Equipment

High temperature rate of change with uniformity and reproducibility

The Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber is ideal for test requiring quick changes 15°C/min ramp rate in specimen temperature and 23°C/min ramp rate for air temperature(temperature heat up average). It covers various applications from JEDEC, IEC standards to screening.
It features a built-in web application that can be used to operate the chamber from a PC or tablet.
This web application allows you to check the status of the chamber remotely using a web browser.


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Model Temperature range Inside/Outside
TCC-151W -70 to +180°C (-94 to +356°F) W800×H500×D400 /
Compatible Test standards
IEC-60749-25: Semiconductor devices – Temperature cycling
IEC-60068-2-14 Nb: Environmental testing – Change of temperature
IEC-61747-5: Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices – Environmental, endurance and mechanical test methods
JESD22-A105-C: Solid State Devices, testing quality and reliability – Power and temperature cycling
SAE-J1211: Automotive components - Recommended environmental practices for electronic equipment design
IPC-9701: Performance test methods and qualification requirements for surface mount solder attachments


Uniformity, reproducibility
Wind simulation allows achieving minimum temperature variations of the specimen, for accurate and quick temperature changes. Specimen temperature ramp rate is 15°C/min, air temperature ramp rate is 23°C/min(temperature heat up average).
Greater temperature ramp control
High precision of the specimen temperature control achieved thanks to a sensor for temperature specimen measurement, and the embedded high-speed controller.
In addition:
  • refrigeration capacities increased at low temperatures,
  • minimization of the difference between test area and specimen temperatures,
  • airflow speed uniformity,
lead to excellent temperature ramp control.
Selection of the temperature control mode
Two temperature control modes are available:
  • A specimen temperature control mode meeting ramp rate conditions of JEDEC standard (15°C/min.)
  • An air temperature control mode for temperature cycle tests.
Free access
Cable ports are equipped on both left and right side, to ease specimen access and wiring.
Ramp rate input available(patent pending)
The step t ime can be calculated automatically just by inputting the ramp rate.
Multi-language support
You can change the language of the controller by pressing the Language icon and choosing the language. You can select from Japanese, English, Tradit ional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.
Email alarm notification
Details on alarms that have been triggered will be sent to pre-registered e-mail addresses. It is also possible to transmit e-mails when testing has finished.
Specimen temperature ramp control (Example)

Test conditions

High temp. soak : +130°C
Low temp. soak : -45°C
Ramp rate : 15°C/min.
Control point : Front center specimen on the lower level
Specimen : Printed Circuit Board, 145 × 130 mm, 90 pcs.

Measurement method

45 specimens placed in two rows on two levels in the specimen basket, with thermocouples attached to the surface of each specimen at the control point.

Temperature change (Example)

Test conditions

High temp. soak : +125°C
Low temp. soak : -40°C
Ramp rate : 15°C/min.
Control point : Air outlet sensor
Specimen : Printed Circuit Board, 145 × 130 mm, 90 pcs.

Measurement method

As shown on the right, thermocouples are attached to the specimens at twelve measuring point.

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