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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance from the customer's perspective

The rapid advance of technology and complexity of machines and devices have made quality assurance (QA) more important and difficult. We pay the utmost attention to our product quality since the quality of ESPEC’s products directly leads to the quality of our customers’ products.
In 1993, we obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international standard of quality management systems, ahead of many other domestic competitors. Since then, we have been addressing the continuous improvement of our QA program. The transition process to the ISO revision in 2015 has been completed. The ESPEC group's quality policy is to "safely, comfortably, and surely fulfill the mission as well as to provide more reliable products and services." We strive to provide the products that make all our customers satisfied and think, "It was a good decision to buy/use ESPEC's product".

We also have established a unique QA system, called EQA (ESPEC QUALITY ASSURANCE), and are promoting it in Japan and among our group companies overseas. These efforts are intended to provide customers with true satisfaction in the entire process from product R&D to sales, service, and disposal, in cooperation with ESPEC group companies and our agencies.
Other QA efforts include QCC (QC circle) activities are implemented to develop human resources. Also, the IATF 16949 (the international standard for automotive quality management systems) process management system we introduced in FY2015 to con.rm and improve the effectiveness of each process. As such, we have diligently persisted in our efforts to ensure quality.
Our international-level QA system responds to our customers’ trust and meets their needs.

ESPEC Quality Assurance System


ESPEC Quality Assurance System