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Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber TSA-603EL-W
(600 L)

Overview of Equipment

Today, the automotive industry accelerates electronic multi-functions. According to this trend, safety standards such as ISO26262 and IEC61508 require high environmental stress that is generated by thermal shock chambers for higher reliability of vehicle equipments.

A large capacity model capable of loading larger specimens in higher quantities has been added to our lineup of TSA series Thermal Shock Chambers (L type = light specs). Our TSA-603EL-W Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber has a test area capacity of 600 liters, nearly twice that of the largest standard thermal shock chamber line up TSA-303EL-W.
This makes it possible to provide thermal shock testing of relatively large products that could not be previously tested due to their size and large components used for automobiles (e.g. in-vehicle Li-ion battery packs, ECUs, PCUs, and in-vehicle inverters).

Enables testing large specimens
In the automotive, home appliance, and IT equipment industries, modular parts of multiple parts combined in advance are assembled. These modular parts are becoming larger in capacity as integration increases. This model is effective for thermal shock testing of such large specimens.
User-friendly instrumentation
This chamber adopts the same instrumentation as our standard thermal shock chambers, so there is no need to learn new operations. for ESPEC users.
Same structure as standard chambers
The air blow, suction, and flow are the same as on our standard thermal shock testing chamber.
Figure: Air flow (TSA series)
Air flow (TSA series)
Larger test area capacity
The following is a comparison of the test area size between TSA-503 and standard models lineup.
Figure: Test area dimensions
Main specifications

Please scroll horizontally to look at table below.

Model TSA-603EL
Power supply AC200V 3φ 3W 50/60Hz
Method Two-zone and three-zone using damper switching
Test area High-temp. exposure
+65°C to +150°C
Low-temp. exposure
-50°C to 0°C
fluctuation width
High temperature
Max pre-heat setting
heat-up time
Within 30 minutes from ambient temperature to +200°C
Low temperature
Min pre-cool setting
pull-down time
Within 90 minutes from ambient temperature to -70°C
Low temperature
50 kg (equally distributed load)
Shelf load capacity 20 kg (equally distributed load)
Test area dimensions W1200mm×H670mm× D750mm
Outside dimensions W2100mm×H2215mm× D1750mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1700 kg
  • *1 Values at an ambient temperature of +23°C
  • * The model is for operational purposes and may be changed after order. Thank you for your understanding.
  • * Thermal shock chamber with much larger capacity is also available.

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