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Overview of Equipment

Capacity and performances for large-volume specimens' reliability test

With its 1800L capacity and temperature change rate of 5°C/min, the Faster Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber has been specifically developed for reliability testing of large display devices, automotive components (e.g. Li-ion battery modules, electric turbochargers, intercoolers, radiators, and inverters for vehicles), electronic systems (e.g. ECUs and PCUs), and etc. This chamber is equipped with numerous features, standardized components, and offers shorter delivery time.

Main specifications
Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
SML-21 -40 to +180°C (-40 to +356°F) / 20 to 98%rh W1200×H1000×D1500 / W1400×H1900×D2737
SMU-21 -40 to +180°C
SMS-21 -70 to +180°C (-94 to +356°F) / 20 to 98%rh
SMG-21 -70 to +180°C

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Achieving high stress of 5°C/min. or more
Today, the automotive industry accelerates electronic multi-functions. According to this trend, safety standards such as ISO26262 and IEC61508 require high environmental stress that is generated by thermal shock chambers for higher reliability of vehicle equipments.
5°C/ min. temp changing to stress the specimen is achieved under a wide temperature range (temperature cycling), thanks to the large refrigeration systems featured in this series: From -45°C to +155°C for SMG and SMS models, and from -18°C to +158°C for SML and SMU models (with no specimen). Whole temperature range available are goes from -70°C (-40°C) to +180°C.
Model variation for 1800L capacity
Four models available to meet your testing requirements: with or without humidity, on two temperature ranges: -70°C or -40°C to +180°C.
Door-integrated instrumentation
To reduce the footprint and optimize the installation space, the instrumentation panel has been integrated to the door. The touch-screen color LCD offers easy operation settings.
Remote monitoring and control
The chambers can be operated from PC or tablet.
Large viewing window for specimen observation
The chamber features a W295×H380mm viewing window with inner lamp to easily observe the test area.
Instrumentation & viewing window
Photo: Instrumentation & viewing window
Safety devices (Custom)
Various safety devices is available in case og testing second batteries and fuel cells that are flammable or gaseous.

Typical devices:

  • Pressure release vent
  • Gas detector
  • Forced ventilation system
  • CO2 gas extinguisher
  • Safety lock

* Be sure to install the safety device if the chamber is used for charge-discharge testing or testing Li-ion battery packs or Li-ion battery modules.

· -40°C ⇔ +55°C 5°C/min Specimen: Air traffic control equipment
· Faster Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber + LLC circulato Specimen: PCU (In-vehicle inverter)
· Conforms to MIL-STD-833E METHOD 1004.7