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High Speed Clean Oven (HSC Series)

Custom Product

This special clean oven is used for baking after resist coating in the LCD and OLED production process, conductor film annealing, the color filter post-bake process, and other in-line heat treatment processes. It can be deployed from first-generation glass substrates to 10th-generation devices. It achieves more uniform heat processing and lower particles. The use of large glass reduces the installation area of the chamber and contributes to effective use of valuable cleanroom space.

  • The gondola zone drive in the test area enables multi-level storage of glass with smaller space.
  • High temperature uniformity performance is ensured with the use of a two-layer internal chamber structure and horizontal return duct system.
  • Special heat-resistant filter keeps particles low.
  • Transport robot, cooling parts, loader and unloader have been modularized.
  • Various options are available according to application.
    • Supports outer gas and sublimation processing.
    • Supports nitrogen gas introduction.
      (For products that support a low-oxygen concentrations, see "Anaerobic Clean Oven (SCO Series)".)
Main specifications
Glass substrate size Generation 1 to 10
Temperature range +90 to +300°C
Temperature uniformity ±4.0°C
Cleanness Particle diameter: 0.3 µm or greater, 100 particles or less per cubic foot
Options Sublimation resolution unit, sublimation reduction unit, nitrogen gas introduction, base static charge prevention, unevenness measures
SECS-HSMS communication support, GEM communication support.

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