Battery Safety
Testing Center

Battery Evaluation Specialists

Since its establishment in September 2015 as a testing institute specializing in secondary batteries, the Energy Device Environmental Test Center has performed hundreds of tests every year, and the results have contributed to the development of Japan’s secondary battery industry.

Armed with precise knowledge and skills, Center staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers through a wide range of services, including for single-cell batteries and packed systems, and for charging/discharging in safety limit testing.

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Conformance (certification) testing

The Center’s results are backed by standard-certified quality control and evaluation technologies.

  • UN ECE-R100.Series2 Part.Ⅱ
  • UN recommended transport test UN38.3 for lithium-ion batteries
  • JISC8715-2

Safety testing and charge/discharge testing

The Center’s staff handles all aspects of testing—from meetings to performing the tests—relying on vast testing experience and specialized equipment to provide concrete solutions.


Take advantage of our unique services and experiences at every stage, from deciding on a testing method to applying for accreditation.

Meeting Provide Test Report Homologation *Official applications will be handled by the Technical Services department.

Equipment lineup

Charge/Discharge testing

The Center can evaluate various products, including cells, modules, and packs.
Battery degradation testing and characterization results can be provided in a wide variety of formats.
We also provide traceability with official certification documents and tests.

Safety Test