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Power Cycling Test

Test summary/features

Power semiconductors have entered the spotlight for their role in energy-saving and environmental conservation. ESPEC has started offering outsourced power cycling test–one of the test methods used to evaluate power semiconductors.
Power cycling test is used to ensure the reliability of power semiconductors such as power MOSFET and IGBT modules. The test device is subjected to feedback control and data logging of device control factors, while monitoring parameters such as device temperature, junction temperature, voltage and current. Power cycling test is an effective method of estimating module operation life.

Test equipment

Power cycling test is done by setting conditions such as the test sample's voltage, current, cooling method and ambient temperature.
ESPEC can respond rapidly to client demands, providing customized testing tailored to your needs.

We can customize the test method, along with the cooling mechanism, sample apparatus and other hardware.
Using temperature, voltage, current or a number of other parameters as triggers, testing can be stopped safely when module deterioration or a specified type of failure is detected.
Various cooling and test methods can be selected.

Main customizable items
Item Example selections
Cooling method · Air cooling (in chamber) · Water cooling
Temperature control point · Case temperature (Tc)
· Junction temperature (Tj)
Test method · Temperature is controlled repeatedly by turning Ice ON/OFF to make the device temperature reach the set temperature.
· Ice is turned ON/OFF repeatedly in the set amount of time.
Current · 80 A ⇒ Supported by currently available power supply (higher currents can be supported).

Power cycling test example

Support for customization with client equipment

Outsourced testing can be done by making effective use of client test equipment such as power supply devices.

  • We can provide flexible support to meet your needs for test specifications or budget.
  • We can supply any additional power cycling test equipment needed before doing the testing.
Equipment particulars
  • Power Cycling Test System (installed at Kobe Test Center)

Power Cycling Test System (installed at Kobe Test Center)

Water cooling method (illustration)

Cooling by heat sink and fan (air cooling)  / Large-current heat-resistant socket