Cell Safety Test

Test summary/features

Demand is growing for external short circuit tests, crushing tests and other types of safety testing to ensure the high safety and stable performance needed by vehicle secondary batteries.
ESPEC's Energy Device Environmental Test Center has several test equipment units developed in-house for safety evaluation of secondary battery cells.
This equipment can be used for safety testing for compliance with the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods needed for lithium-ion batteries.
In addition to battery cell safety testing, ESPEC also provides safety testing, test consulting and certification services for vehicle battery packs/modules, along with a comprehensive range of testing/certification services for compliance with UNECE Regulation R100.

Safety test Electrical test

External short circuits



Mechanical test




Nail penetration

Environmental test

Thermal cycles

Thermal shock


Low pressure

External short circuit test
  • Done mainly on cell batteries (single-cell batteries). Also supports some battery packs.
  • Up to 5 samples can be tested at once.
Resistance range 15 to 110mΩ
Rated current value 100A
Instantaneous current resistance value 240A
Options Video photography, current measurement, internal resistance value measurement (AC, 1 kHz)

External short circuit testing

External Short Circuit Test System (for cells)
External Short Circuit Test System (for cells)
Crush test
  • Enables load application while maintaining crushing speed.
  • Supports various features such as voltage value measurement and video photography.
Crushing speed 20 mm/s max.
Pressurizing force 18 kN max.
Stroke 100mm
Dimensions of crushing apparatus pressure plates 300 mm diameter, other
Crush Test System
Crush Test System
Impact test
  • Enables frictionless vertical drops.
  • Supports various features such as voltage measurement and video photography.
Drop method Electromagnet method
Drop weight 9.1kg
Impact rod dimensions 15.8 (diameter) × 340 mm, other
Impact rod material SUS316
Impact Test System
Impact Test System
Low-pressure test (altitude simulation)
  • Full range of safety features provided. Supports testing in compliance with air-transport standards (UN, UL and JIS standards).

Combined Sequential Cold, Low Air Pressure and Damp Heat Test

Low Air Pressure Test System
Low Air Pressure Test System
Nail penetration test
  • Supports various battery sizes.
  • Supports battery temperature/voltage measurement and recording, and measurement of nail penetration speed, movement distance and load.

Nail penetration test

Nail Penetration Test System for Cells (laminated type)
Nail Penetration Test System for Cells (laminated type)
Other safety test

ESPEC also provides other types of safety testing in compliance with various standards.
Overcharging test
Over-discharging test
Vibration test
Shock test
Heating test
Temperature test (thermal shock test)
Other environment test