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Laboratory Testing Services

A full range of test equipment worthy of a leader in environmental test chambers

ESPEC's test equipment is designed to handle many different quality and reliability evaluation applications. From standard temperature chambers to altitude test chambers and other specialized equipment, our equipment can handle testing ranging from semiconductor and aircraft equipment evaluations to secondary battery safety tests. We can also plan and provide testing tailored to client needs. Our equipment is upgraded continually to meet increasingly diverse client needs.

Photo: A full range of test equipment worthy of a leader in environmental test chambers

Test design encompassing peripheral systems

We can plan and implement testing tailored to client needs, such as individual test breakdown, standards compliance tests and comprehensive reliability evaluation tests including peripheral measurement system design, measurement and evaluation.

Extensive experience and track record in reliability tests

A long history of outsourced quality evaluation/reliability tests at our test facilities has enabled ESPEC to accumulate extensive technology. We advise clients on test plans, provide and evaluate test results, and assist clients with many aspects of the work of evaluating quality and reliability.

Photo: Cooled by heat sink and fan (air-cooled)

Cooled by heat sink
and fan (air-cooled)

Photo: High-current heat-resistant socket

High-current heat-resistant socket

List of laboratory testing services

Test name Test equipment used
Cold test/cold-resistance test/Dry heat test/heat-resistance test/damp heat (steady-state) test/temperature and humidity cycling test

Temperature chambers/temperature and humidity chambers

Large capacity temperature and humidity chambers

Walk-in type temperature (& humidity) chambers

Hi-temp. chambers/driers

Thermal cycling test Change of temperature with specified rate of change
Rapid change temperature test

Rapid-rate thermal cycle chambers

Rapid temperature variation test

Thermal shock test chambers

Two-liquid rapid change temperature test

Liquid to liquid thermal shock test chambers

Combined sequential cold, low air pressure and damp heat test

Altitude temperature (& humidity) chambers

Dew cycle test

Dew cycle test chambers

Air to air thermal shock chambers (with humidity)

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test)

Highly accelerated stress test systems (HAST chambers)

Medium-sized HAST chambers

Air HAST chambers

Wide-range HAST chambers

Vibration test Sine wave test

Vibration test systems/combined environmental test systems (temperature and humidity test chambers + vibration test systems)

Random wave test
Shock test
Combined environmental test (temperature and humidity + vibrations)
Drop Test

Drop test systems

Salt mist test
Salt mist combined cyclic test

Salt mist test systems

(Salt mist) combined cyclic test systems

Sand and dust test

Sand and dust test systems

Lithium-ion secondary battery (LIB)
Charge/discharge test

Charge/discharge evaluation test systems

Lithium-ion secondary battery (LIB)
Safety test
External short circuit test

External short circuit test systems

Nail penetration test

Nail penetration test systems

Cell battery safety test

Secondary battery safety test systems

Solar battery PID test

PID test systems

Power semiconductor power cycling test (intermittent power test)

Power cycling test systems

Conductor resistance evaluation test

Conductor resistance evaluation test systems

Insulation resistance evaluation test

Electro-chemical migration evaluation systems

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