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Salt Mist, Cyclic (Sodium Chloride Solution) Test

Test summary/features

Salt mist testing is used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of parts and products covered with metal materials, plated films or paint films.
Salt mist combined-cyclic testing is a widely used combined-cycle test method for reliability evaluation. It combines salt mist testing with conditions such as dry, damp, low temperature or saltwater immersion. To test products used in areas of salt damage (from sea salt particles or deicing salt in snowy regions), it is used to simulate or hasten (accelerate) market conditions, evaluating materials and components such as vehicles, vehicle exterior materials, or undercarriage components or steel.

Test equipment

Salt mist test system and large capacity salt mist combined cyclic test system are available.
This equipment supports combined cycles that include a high-temperature (150°C) dry process, and a low-temperature (-20°C) freeze process.

Equipment particulars
  • Salt Mist Test System (installed at Utsunomiya Test Center)

Salt Mist Test System (installed at Utsunomiya Test Center)

Main specifications
Test conditions Test temperature: 35 ± 1°C
Saltwater condition: 5 ± 1% NaCl aqueous solution
Test times: 16, 24, 48, 96, 168, 336 or 672 hours
Salt mist container dimensions W900×D600×H350mm
Salt mist rate 1.5±0.5ml/h at 80cm2
Maximum test sample weight 12 kg (evenly distributed load)
Supported test standards JIS C 60068-2-11、JIS Z 2371
  • * The chamber center has a mist tower that must be avoided when placing samples.
  • * Variations in salt mist rate are expected to arise according to the sample size.
  • Salt Mist Combined Cyclic Test System (installed at Toyota Test Center)

Salt Mist Combined Cyclic Test System (installed at Toyota Test Center)

Main specifications
Test condition ranges Saltwater spray 35 ± 1°C; 50 ± 1°C (neutral 5% saltwater solution; meets JIS Z2371 standard)
Dry 20 to 150°C ± 1°C; humidity: 25 ± 5% RH (at 60°C)
Damp 50 to 70°C ± 1°C; humidity: 60 to 95% ± 5% RH (at 50°C)
Saltwater immersion Room temperature + 10 to 60°C ± 1°C (temperature of immersion liquid)
Outside air introduction Room temperature (no temperature/humidity control)
Low temperature -20°C (low temperature) to 20°C ± 1°C
Test chamber interior dimensions W960mm×D610mm×H860mm
Number of test samples 100 (of 150 × 70 × 3.2 (t) mm max.); placement angle: 15 or 20°
Load capacity 100 kg (when evenly distributed on floor using drainboard provided)
Test record Internal instrumentation log data
Supported test standards JIS K5621, JASO M609/M610, others