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Battery External Short Circuit Test

Test summary/features

Tests to evaluate the electrical performance or safety of lithium-ion batteries and other secondary batteries include continuous charging tests, external short circuit tests, overcharging tests, over-discharging tests, and large-current tests. External short circuit tests simulate incorrect battery usage. These tests consist of short circuiting a battery from outside to simulate use that may cause fire or rupture. The battery's positive and negative terminals are connected to an external resistor, and the battery is observed to check for fire or rupturing.
ESPEC can carry out external short circuit tests with high currents of up to 24 kA (a world-first), and in low- to high-temperature environments.
Along with these short circuit tests, we also provide a comprehensive range of testing/certification services for compliance with UNECE Regulation R100, and provide safety testing, test consulting and certification services for vehicle battery packs/modules and energy storage devices.

Test equipment
  • ECE-R100 Part2
    Support for external short circuit testing (5 mΩ)
  • Support for 24 kA short circuit currents
  • Testing can be done in temperature environments ranging from -40 to +80°C
  • Shutoff function
    Circuits can be shut off manually during battery malfunction.
    High-speed shutoff (within 100 ms)
  • Circuit resistance measurement function
Equipment particulars
  • External Short Circuit Test System (for pack batteries) (installed at Energy Device Environmental Test Center)

Energy Device Environmental Test Center

External Short Circuit Test System

System configuration

Structure Item Specifications
Chamber Temperature range -40 to 80°C
Temperature adjustment range ±2.0°C
Test chamber internal dimensions 3,200 × 2,492 × 2,145 (W × H × D) mm max.
Safety specifications Gas sensor, forcible exhaust equipment, fire extinguisher
External short circuit tester Short circuit resistance value 5mΩ
Rated input voltage 500V
Maximum rated current 24kA
Structure Short circuit resistance unit, Air-Circuit-Breaker, DC high-speed breaker, circuit resistance measurement unit
Battery characteristic measurement unit CCD camera Battery appearance observation record
Data logger 15 channels (voltage/temperature measurement)
Structure Photography unit: Photographs battery shape during test.
Measurement unit: Measures battery characteristics (temperature/voltage/current).