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Test Facility Information

Various ways of using test facilities

Tours of ESPEC's test facilities and calibration departments can be arranged. Facility tours are a handy way to research laboratory testing services or equipment purchases while seeing actual equipment. Test facilities also have many other uses, such as enabling clients to observe their outsourced testing. Contact ESPEC for inquiries about test facilities.

Utsunomiya Test Center/Energy Device Environmental Test Center

< Utsunomiya Test Center >

One of the largest comprehensive test facilities in eastern Japan
Located in the massive Utsunomiya Techno Complex, the Utsunomiya Test Center supports a wide range of reliability tests for the cutting-edge technologies of the semiconductor and electronic device industries, and for many other industries such as the automotive-related industries of eastern Japan. Its ample utility is meeting growing demand for laboratory testing services.
Wide range of test equipment
Along with conventional temperature/humidity tests, the Center's test equipment can reproduce saltwater environments and various other failure factors. It supports static testing with added conditions such as low pressure, vibrations, drops, falling balls and temperature/humidity.

Photo: Utsunomiya Test Center

< Energy Device Environmental Test Center >

Specializing in energy devices such as secondary batteries
An outsourced test facility specializing in reliability tests/safety tests of energy devices (solar batteries, secondary batteries, power semiconductors). The world's first test facility able to evaluate all devices for power generation, storage and control.

Photo: Energy Device Environmental Test Center

Energy Device Environmental Test Center

Access map
23-1 Kiyohara Industrial Park (inside Utsunomiya Techno Complex), Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan 321-3231

Getting there: About 30 minutes by taxi from JR Utsunomiya station; about 30 minutes from the Kanuma interchange on the Tohoku Expressway; about 30 minutes from the Utsunomiya interchange on the Tohoku Expressway About 25 minutes from the Utsunomiya-Kaminokawa interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway

Toyota Test Center

ESPEC's largest test facility
Toyota Test Center is ESPEC's largest test facility, and one of the largest environmental test facilities in Japan. The Center's equipment is continually upgraded to the latest models supporting a wide range of tests, such as automotive electronic device tests encompassing many different evaluation items.
Rental test space
Drawing on the benefits of a large test facility, the Center has test space tailored to client needs available to rent. Separated from common area, independent test rooms for exclusive use by only the designated clients can be utilized.

Photo: Toyota Test Center

Access map
3-44-1 Seishincho, Toyota, Aichi, Japan 471-0844

Getting there: 20-minute walk from Meitetsu Tsuchihashi station; about 10 minutes from the Toyota interchange on the Tomei Expressway

Kariya Test Center

Assisting development of car electronics
Meets growing, mainly automotive-related demand in the Chubu and Tokai regions. Assists in the development of car electronics. Naturally also has standard equipment for temperature/humidity tests and thermal shock tests.
Supports reliability tests of automotive electronic devices
The Center's large scale thermal shock chambers are its mainstay for supporting automotive electronic device tests. It also features Large Capacity Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chambers and specialized equipment enabling testing that is difficult with general-purpose testers.

Photo: Kariya Test Center

Access map
1-3 Shinmeicho, Kariya, Aichi, Japan 448-0034

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Kariya station on the JR Tokaido Honsen line/Meitetsu line
About 40 minutes from the Nagoya-Minami interchange on the Isewangan Expressway
About 40 minutes from the Toyota interchange on the Tomei Expressway

Kobe Test Center

A comprehensive test facility in western Japan
Located on the site of a massive R&D center, Kobe Test Center is a comprehensive test facility in western Japan that provides reliability test services for clients. In addition to standard environmental test chambers, the Center also features special large equipment such as large scale temperature chambers, vibration testers and low-pressure test chambers.

Photo: Kobe Test Center

Access map
5-2-5 Kanokodai Minamimachi (in Kobe R&D Center), Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan 651-1514

Getting there: 15 minutes by taxi from Mita station on the JR Takarazuka line
10 minutes by taxi from Dojo-Minamiguchi station on the Kobe Dentetsu Mita line
10 minutes from the Nishinomiya-Kita interchange on the Chugoku Expressway; 15 minutes from the Kobe Mita interchange on the Chugoku Expressway