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ESPEC has been providing laboratory testing services since 1983, accumulating a steady track record of achievements for over 30 years. This extensive experience and expertise is what lets us provide clients with the best in reliability testing services. They propose the best test methods for producing impartial test results, assisting with everything from test planning and procedure design, to post-test sample evaluation.

We can help clients who:

  • Are doing environmental tests for the first time, and don't know where to begin.
  • Are experiencing failures in the market, and need to know how to reproduce them and identify their causes.
  • Have been unable to perform repeatable reliability tests and suspect there are problems with their test methods.

Contact ESPEC for any inquiries about reliability testing. As well as standard product testing, we can also meet your needs for specialized testing with highly reliable custom solutions to assist your quality evaluations.

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Test Navi

Case studies are helpful when performing testing or planning studies.
ESPEC's Test Navi case studies are technical reports (ESPEC technical information) on packaging materials in the spotlight. Backed by detailed experimental data, the reports cover topics such as reliability issues, test method effects and measurement methods.
Along with practical topics, they summarize basic past case studies and extract the major lessons to be learned. They provide a handy way to quickly learn the essentials of test types, analysis examples and failure phenomena. ESPEC can assist your business by implementing the solutions described in these case studies through list of laboratory testing services.

Test Navi: A source of reliability testing information for engineers
Test Navi provides information ranging from environmental test tips and basic reliability test methods, to news on the latest developments.

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