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Financial forecast

Financial forecast for fiscal 2021

(Millions of Yen)

2021/3 Results 2022/3 Forecast
(Revised on
Aug 6, 2021)
Year on Year
Net sales 38,668 42,200 9.1%
Operating profit 2,572 3,300 28.3%
Ordinary profit 2,840 3,400 19.7%
Profit attributable to owners of parent 1,961 2,400 22.3%

※ The Company made ESPEC THERMAL TECH SYSTEM CORP. a consolidated subsidiary on July 20, 2021 (deemed acquisition date: July 1, 2021). Therefore, revisions have been made to the full-term consolidated forecast for net sales (no revision in terms of profit).

※ It should be noted that the above financial forecasts were compiled based on the management’s reasonable assessment of the information available at the time of the compilation, and may change due to factors that may arise in the future.