Control of Chemical Substances

Relation to SDGs

Control of Chemical Substances

Basic Concept

ESPEC has designated restricted substances and reduced the amounts of their use in the designs of our products. We are working to prevent environmental pollution through control of hazardous chemicals used in our business activities and through green procurement.

EU-RoHS Directive

For the 6 hazardous chemicals in the EU-RoHS directive, we have steadily been voluntarily shifting to providing EU-RoHS compliant products beginning from 2013. Because restrictions on 10 substances in the EU-RoHS directive will be tightened in July 2021, we are working to comply with the new restrictions.
We are also proceeding with technical development that will eliminate all products containing mercury during FY 2020 in order to comply with the Convention on Mercury.

Compliance with PRTR Laws (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)

ESPEC uses several hundred types of hazardous chemicals (designated based on our company’s standards). For these chemicals, we distribute SDS*, create procedures for their use and storage, promote the change to safer chemicals, and take other steps for appropriate control. In FY 2019, we completely discontinued the use of the PRTR chemical 1-bromopropane in consideration for the safety of employees and environmental impact. As a result, the amount of PRTR chemicals handled annually is now less than 1 t, and we are no longer required to submit notification to the government.

* Safety Data Sheets. This is a document that contains necessary information for safe use and handling of a chemical substance.

■FY 2019 PRTR results

Calculation range: ESPEC CORP., ESPEC Test System Corporation, ESPEC Kyushu Corporation, and ESPEC MIC Corporation

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(Units: kg)

  Name of Class 1
chemical substance
Xylene Cyanazine Acephate 1.2.4-trimethyl
Toluene 1-
  Number of Class 1 chemical substance 80 91 212 296 300 384 392
  Amount handled annually 4.0 2.7 4.2 5.1 22.9 559.4 9.4
Contained in product (Voluntary measurement item) - - - - - - -
Amount recycled (sold) (voluntary measurement item) - - - - - - -
Amounts released (A) Amount released into atmosphere annually 4.0 - - 5.1 22.9 559.4 9.4
(B) Amount released into public waters annually - - - - - - -
(C) Amount released into soil at the business sites other than (D) - 2.7 4.2 - - - -
(D) Amount disposed of in landfill at the business sites - - - - - - -
Amounts transferred (A) Transferred to sewage - - - - - - -
(B) Other than (A) transferred to outside business sites - - - - - - -

Compliance with Asbestos Regulations

Components containing asbestos used to be used for insulation and packing materials in certain products in the past. We stopped using components containing asbestos in all of our products by the end of June 2006.
For customers who use products they have purchased prior to that, we proactively disclose information on asbestos in these products on our website or on a case-by case basis.