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Employee Relations

HR Policy and System

HR Policy

A company's rise and fall depend on its "people." "People" are the pillar of our company, and management focused on people is the driving force behind our company's expansion. Our basic stance is to be a company where employees are the key players.

ESPEC also aims to maximize the performance and energy of employees through our commitment to develop and foster highly-motivated human resources who also have good characters and are ready for challenges.

Course Choice System (Area-limited Employment Arrangement)

For those who choose to accept a transfer, this system enables one to choose employment in limited locations due to family circumstances, personal values, or work ethics. As of the end of March 2017, 80% selected "Accept transfer (including overseas offices)," while 20% chose "Area limited employment."

Self-Development Educational Assistance

Educational support such as self-development educational courses and allowance systems (foreign language learning support, correspondence education, recommended qualifications) is provided to employees according to their desire to acquire new skills. In FY2016, the self-development educational courses were further enhanced with, among other things, the addition of five new courses, and 251 people took part in the courses offered. In addition, the allowance systems were used by several employees: 126 for correspondence education, 55 for recommended qualifications, and 28 for foreign language learning.

Photo: Field training at AmericaField training at America

Global Trainee Program (Overseas Training System)

We have established a global trainee program to foster core human resources who can be active on the international stage. This system dispatches employees to overseas group companies for a fixed period of time in order for them to hone their global thinking skills and broaden their insight through on-site work experience. In FY2016, we dispatched one employee to China, two to Thailand, and one to the USA.

Photo: Round-Up Training Course for Newly Appointed AdministratorsRound-Up Training Course
for Newly Appointed Administrators

Round-Up System (Training Course) to Disseminate the Corporate Philosophy

The round-up system is carried out for all employees. It is carried out every year as an important management system that matches corporate vectors so that each employee can increase and share their understanding of the corporate philosophy in order to create a better corporate culture.

In FY2016, a total of 34 events such as programs that extend to management personnel, regular employees, and newly hired employees as well as programs that gather multi-generational core human resources were attended by 855 employees.

Employee Award

Every year since 1991, we have presented awards to honor employees who have demonstrated diligence and merit or otherwise accomplished remarkable achievements such as acquiring patents or utility models, or being commended by the government or organizations we belong to.

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Respecting Diversity and Creating a Pleasant Working Environment

We are striving to practice diversity in the workplace as part of our key policy "Creating a corporate culture that supports employee diversity and training human resources for implementing growth strategies", which is strategy 5 of the medium-term management plan "Progressive Plan 2017".

Women's Advancement

Activities to Promote Women's Advancement

We are promoting women's advancement in the following ways.

  1. Strengthening activities to increase number of female employees in managerial and supervisory positions, and who have high levels of expertise.
  2. Ensuring female employees are able to work in a wide range of occupations.
  3. Promoting work-life balance throughout the company, and creating a pleasant work environment for all employees.

  • We have abundant diversity, creativity and vitality
  • We offer employees a variety of work styles
  • We attract the best human resources as employees

Policies to Promote Women's Advancement

We are carrying out the following three policies to promote women's advancement.

  1. Striving to change the way female employees think about their work by offering career plan training to assist female employees in shaping their career and considering their prospects for further advancement, and running the female leadership development program.
  2. Enhancing and expanding programs that support the careers of female employees, including extending the shorter hours working program.
  3. Carrying out various initiatives to create a pleasant work environment, such as holding management seminars on the promotion of women's advancement and curbing overtime hours.

Photo: Female leadership development programFemale leadership development program

● Developing Female Leadership

We are focused on creating a pleasant environment where women who are strongly motivated and possess excellent abilities can work effectively. A total of 15 employees have participated in the female leadership development program which has been carried out since FY2013. The female leadership development program teaches participants the skills and mindset required of leaders, and provides advice on work and career prospects from executives acting as mentors.

In November 2016, we held a seminar on the promotion of women's advancement for management who play a key role in employee training. The seminar aimed to deepen the understanding of the importance of supporting the advancement of female employees, while also providing a forum for discussing current issues related to this area. Also, in October 2017 we offered career plan training to assist young female employees in shaping their career. As of April 1, 2017, out of 92 managers, three are women, and the female manager ratio is 3.3%. In April 2017, ESPEC appointed its first female executive officer. The plan of action concerning the promotion of women's advancement advocates "strengthening activities to increase the number of female employees in managerial and supervisory positions." We will actively continue to support the advancement of female employees.

Plan of Action Based on the Promotion of Women's Advancement

Program period: 5 years from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2020

Objective 1: Strengthen activities to increase the number of female employees in managerial and supervisory positions.

Initiative: Active recruitment and promotion of female employees to managerial positions

Objective 2: Set the average overtime per person to 15 hours (per month) or less.

Initiative: Reduction of employees' average and long-time overtime hours, which are now considered normal

● Creating a Workplace Environment That Encourages Continued Employment

As a part of our next generation educational support policies, all ESPEC employees, from full-time staff to contract workers and part timers, are encouraged to utilize childcare leave and also the shorter working hours program, which can be used until the child finishes the third grade of elementary school. By the end of March 2017, a total of 75 employees took childcare leave, and a total of 47 employees chose to work under the shorter working hours for childcare program. In FY2016, five employees took childcare leave, and four employees started using the shorter working hours for childcare program. In addition, we operate social networking sites so that employees on maternity and childcare leave can smoothly exchange information with the company.

● Deepening understanding in the company

We are making efforts to deepen the understanding of promoting women's advancement in the company, starting with the president discussing the objectives, current issues and initiatives related to this area in his messages that are regularly posted on our website, and including featured reports in the company newsletter "Progressive" on training for the advancement of female employees.

● ESPEC acquires "Eruboshi" certification in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

In September 2016, ESPEC acquired the top "Eruboshi" certification mark as awarded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

In FY2015, we received the "Kurumin" certification, which is granted to companies that support child-rearing, from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as well as the "Leading Company in Women's Advancement in Osaka City" certification from Osaka City.

Logo: "Kurumin"

Logo: "Eruboshi"

Logo: "Leading Company in Women's Advancement in Osaka City"

Plan of action based on the Law on the Promotion of Measures to Support Development of the Next Generation

Program period: 3 years from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2018

(1) Ratio of employees taking childcare leave

During the program period, one or more male employees will take childcare leave, and the ratio of female employees taking childcare leave will be 80% or higher.

(2) Extension of the shorter working hours program

Extend the shorter working hours program, which currently lasts until the beginning of elementary school, to the end of the third grade of elementary school.

(3) Overtime reduction

Reduce overtime work to a company-wide average of less than 23 hours a month.

(4) Factory tours and internships

Carry out business visits and factory tours for local junior high and high school students, and accept college students for internships.

Reemployment After Mandatory Retirement

We are introducing a reemployment system for retirees so that knowledge and skills can be passed on. We intend to provide employment until the age of 65 to all employees interested to stay with us. In FY2016, of the fifteen employees who retired, we reemployed all. In addition, we are carrying out career plan training for employees over 55 years old as an opportunity for the participants to think about their career prospects with a focus on reemployment.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Fourteen persons with disabilities are working for us (as of the end of March 2017). We will continue to, among other things, improve our workplace environment and review our duties to make it possible to hire as many persons with disabilities as possible according to their abilities and aptitudes.

Work-life Balance Management

Requiring employees working more than 80 hours overtime in a single month to undergo face-to-face guidance provided by physicians. We also take into consideration work-life balance. In addition to introducing a system that promotes planned use of paid vacations as well as a flexible-hours system, we enforce a "No Overtime Day" once a week.

Promotion of Mental Healthcare

As a countermeasure to mental health problems, we have introduced a mental healthcare system for employees and their families. In addition to conducting monthly stress diagnoses that help employees verify their own conditions, we have established telephone, web, and in-person points of contact for consultation. We also carry out mental health management training, and other similar activities. In January 2017, all employees underwent a stress check based on a revision of the law.

Contact and Consultation Service Regarding Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

We have established a contact and consultation service for employees regarding workplace sexual harassment and other discriminatory treatments, harassment, etc.

LaborÔÇÉManagement Relations

The labor union is based on a union shop system and, with 641 members, has a membership rate of 77.4% (as of the end of March 2017). We maintain healthy labor-management relations with the labor union based on mutual trust and under a labor agreement, and work on various labor-management issues on an equal-to-equal basis. We also hold monthly labor-management meetings to exchange information and opinions.

Safety and Health Activities

We have established a safety and health committee at each of our major business offices. In addition to having committee members conduct safety patrols at the business offices, we are committed to eliminating occupational injuries and improving the working environment. Also, we carry out safe driving aptitude tests and provide educational activities through safe driving classes as measures to prevent traffic accidents.

No case of occupational injury resulting in lost workdays was reported by our company in FY2016, and the number of consecutive accident-free days (excluding minor injuries without lost workdays) stands at 457 (as of the end of March 2017).

■ Results of Safety and Health Activities

  FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016
Occupational injuries
(excluding minor injuries without lost workdays)
1 1 0
Rate of health check examination 100% 100% 100%
Personal injury due to car, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents 5 4 5
Self responsibility due to car, motorcycle accidents 17 30 19

Welfare Benefits

In order to respond to the diverse needs of our employees and with the aim to provide a more equitable welfare service, we have introduced the "Cafeteria Plan," a selective employee welfare system whose options can be chosen by the employees according to their own needs. A diverse menu, which includes categories such as childcare, nursing, learning, and travel, presents available discount services and more.

Also, in order to encourage employees to build their own assets, the company offers a fixed-rate incentive based on the amount of money they put away in their asset accumulation savings plans as well as on members' contributions for the employee stock holding association.

In February 2014, we introduced the Trust Employee Holding Incentive Plan (E-Ship®)

Also, in February 2017 we introduced Group Long Term Disability (GLTD) compensation, which provides a certain level of income to employees who are unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness and/or injury.

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Communication with Employees

Message from the President

We regularly post messages from the President on our internal website. By sharing the President's ideas, strategic developments, and the like with all employees in a timely and direct manner, we are solidifying a mutual understanding of the vectors and sense of values shared by management and employees.

Publication of "Progressive"

We periodically publish "Progressive," the company's internal newsletter, with the aim of sharing information with all employees and promoting the understanding and dissemination of our corporate philosophy (THE ESPEC MIND). These objectives are indeed more successfully achieved through the communication magazine whose readership extends to all employees.

Photo: Direct CommunicationsDirect Communications

Direct Communications

Since fiscal 2010, we have been actively carrying out Direct Communications to promote dialogue between management and regular employees. In fiscal 2016, we set the theme of sharing the ESPEC Vision 2025, which is the long-term vision we announced in fiscal 2015, and carried out Direct Communications a total of 21 times to 580 attendees at all ESPEC offices nationwide. At these sessions, the president and other management representatives outlined the ESPEC Vision 2025, and directly answered questions from and shared opinions with employees.