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Customer Relations

Product and Service Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

We provide environmental testing devices used by our customers in their QA(Quality Assurance) activities. As such, the quality of our products is directly linked to the quality of their products, and we feel that this heavy responsibility represents why we are in business. Based on our basic philosophy to “provide more reliable products and services that allow our customers to safely, comfortably, and surely fulfill the mission,” we at ESPEC work towards creating high-quality products that meet the expectations of our global customers.

Quality Assurance System

We have established our own quality assurance system called EQA (ESPEC Quality Assurance) in Japan and overseas. The system is in full operation.

In 1993, we were also assessed for and obtained the ISO 9001 (international standard of quality management) certification ahead of the competition. Following that, we received the updated 2008 ISO certification, and have been continuously improving our quality assurance system.

A further revision was implemented in 2015, and we are in the process of applying to obtain the updated certification.

In FY2015, we worked to improve the quality of products and services through quality assurance activities done in close coordination between each department. This served as the backdrop for one of our basic policies: "strive to improve quality from the customer's point of view in order to provide products and services that can be used safely and with peace of mind."

QMC Activities

We are shifting QC activities, which are mostly conducted at our production sites, to "small group activities" performed daily by all employees in order to improve customer satisfaction and create added value. These activities have been implemented as QMC (Quality Management Circle) activities.

In FY2015, 72 small groups working on improvement activities, quality improvement and cost reduction, improvement of work efficiency, and other endeavors were able to achieve formidable results.

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Aiming for Customer Satisfaction

Initiatives for Domestic Customers

● Industry's First "Five-Year Product Warranty"

Since January 2015, we have been offering the industry's first "five-year warranty" for three of our mainline products. The warranty covers free repairs for five years following the installation of our products. We provide customers with peace of mind through the services we offer as a company that possesses high-quality products and a solid service network.

<Five-Year Product Warranty>

Photo: Temperature & Humidity Chamber Platinous J SeriesTemperature & Humidity Chamber
Platinous J Series

Photo: Thermal Shock Chamber TSA SeriesThermal Shock Chamber
TSA Series

Photo: Bench-Top Type Temperature(&Humidity)ChamberBench-Top Type



In June 2016, we participated for the first time in the FOOMA JAPAN 2016 exhibition which was held at Tokyo Big Sight.

All food manufacturing processes can be found at this exhibition which is one of the largest in Asia. Our company exhibited low temperature and humidity chambers as well as desk-top temperature and humidity chambers suitable for food preservation tests. Many visitors from Japan as well as other countries (China, Southeast Asian countries, etc.) attended the event.

Photo: ESPEC Reliability Seminar 2015ESPEC Reliability Seminar 2015

● ESPEC Reliability Seminar 2015

The ESPEC Reliability Seminar 2015 was held in Tokyo as an activity to provide customers with valuable information on reliability tests. A total of 127 customers participated in the event.

The well-received presentations touched on, among other things, reliability test methods for important power devices in car electronics. In addition to giving a presentation about the necessity to use certified calibration methods with environmental test equipment, our engineers provided technical information useful in the automobile market.

Initiatives for Overseas Customers


In November 2015, together with German distributors, we participated in PRODUCTRONICA (Munich, Germany), a global leading trade fair which brings together the latest developments and manufacturing technologies in electronics. We showed actual temperature and humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, network systems, and other products to the many visitors who came from 22 countries from Europe and the world over.

Photo: Environmental Test Seminar at Hyderabad, IndiaEnvironmental Test Seminar
at Hyderabad, India

● Environmental Test Seminar in India

In February 2016, an environmental test seminar was held at Hyderabad, India. Our employees gave lectures, presented our environmental test equipment, and provided test method information and other details in order to raise awareness for the ESPEC brand on the Indian market.

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Customer Support

Overseas Expansion of Companies with the Global Support Desk

In response to the continuing shift of Japanese companies' development and manufacturing bases to overseas locations, we have established a Global Support Desk service to respond in Japanese to the various inquiries from customers so that they can continue to use our products and services with peace of mind overseas. In FY2015, we opened support desks for Mexico, India, and other locations, in addition to the previously established ASEAN Support Desk. Furthermore, in March 2015, we established a new company in Thailand and opened the ASEAN Technical Support Center. We are strengthening technical support in areas such as product repair, maintenance and inspection, as well as calibration.

Customer Center

More than 10 years ago and ahead of our competitors, we established a customer center that directly responds to inquiries from customer and distributors. The center deals with approximately 20,000 requests annually. In FY2015, apart from inquiries related to technology and products, we received many inquiries related to laws and regulations, such as the enforcement of the CFC Emissions Control Law. We strive to respond promptly to the latest social trends. In addition to regularly encouraging our employees to further develop their competencies by taking the Telephone Answering Ability Test, we conduct training with regard to the review of cases and other activities through monitoring in order to improve the quality of the response by our operators. From FY2016, we offer support to our customers, including response in case of trouble, under a new name: Customer Support Desk.

Preventive Upkeep and Maintenance

To ensure that our customers can use our products with confidence and peace of mind, ESPEC offers optimal preventive maintenance and 24/7 on-call services at 15 service centers across the country. Moreover, through our ESPEC Online Support service, we can detect any anomaly in a customer's system through a network and contact the customer accordingly. From now on, we will strive to provide prompt service that meets the expectations of our customers.

Enhancement of Test Navi, Our Information Site About Reliability Tests

In the "Test Navi Report," published quarterly on our site, experts provide easy-to-understand explanations about the latest technical issues as well as issues concerning reliability. We strive to enhance the site so that we can deliver valuable information to our customers.