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To All Our Stakeholders

Photo: Masaaki IshidaPresident & Representative Director Masaaki Ishida

The business environment our company finds itself in is continuing to rapidly change in all areas, be it society or the economies within. We have taken advantage of the changes we see in each and every era to take on new challenges. Case in point, we established facilities that conduct safety tests in accordance with the UN standard on batteries for eco cars and also conduct the certification of such. We also established a Thai subsidiary to provide technical support in ASEAN countries. We have reorganized our Chinese subsidiaries to allow for more rapid and flexible adaptation to changes in the market environment. We have also purchased a venture capital firm in the U.S. that boasts the top brands in accelerated testing technology. In addition, we are the first in the industry in Japan to adopt a five-year warranty on our products. These and other efforts have represented an investment in further growth, allowing us to increase value exchange with our customers.

The Paris Agreement, an international framework to cope with global warming, was adopted in December of last year. Under the agreement, both the developed and developing nations promised cooperation towards the reduction goals. The UN General Assembly in September of the same year set SDGs (sustained development goals), and companies alike have begun to engage in long-term activities linked to these efforts.

We at ESPEC have strongly pushed forward with our sixth mid-term plan on the environment, and as a result have achieved a reduction in CO2 emissions above and beyond our set goal. We have also contributed to the prevention of global warming via a number of enterprises and services, including the provision of testing devices for batteries for eco cars and fuel cells as well as testing devices that contribute to the expansion of reusable energy.

In our promotion of diversity, we have tried to create a working environment where a variety of people may engage in their jobs, including efforts to continue with enhancing the development of women leaders. We have also continued with workshops geared toward the sharing of THE ESPEC MIND, which represents our sense of values, as part of our focus on creating an organization that acts and feels like one cohesive unit.

As we speak, the whole company is now working together as this one cohesive unit in order to achieve our long-term vision, ESPEC Vision 2025, which was rolled out last year. As a company with an adventurous culture where each and every employee works with great vigor, we will exert all our effort so ESPEC can contribute to society as a global company.