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Laboratory Testing Services Quotation Request

Use the form below to request an estimate for laboratory testing or analysis.

Even if you haven't decided on specific test conditions, ESPEC staff can contact you if you can provide us with information such as the test objective.

Fill out the required fields, and send the form.

* ESPEC may email you to confirm the request information or inquiry particulars sent in the form below.

* Fields marked 'required' must be filled out.

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Handling of personal information

  • Personal information entered in the form below may be used to contact you about your inquiry.
  • Use of the form requires consent to ESPEC's personal information handling methods (privacy policy).
    Privacy policy

Your contact information

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Job title
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Test information

Test type
  • Cold test/dry heat test/damp heat test
  • Temperature (humidity) cycle test
  • HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test)
  • Gas corrosion test/saltwater spray test
  • Air to air thermal shock test
  • Liquid to liquid thermal shock test
  • Vibration test/shock test/drop test
  • Other test
Test name
Test objective
  • Reliability evaluation required due to design/material change
  • Repeatability test required due to failure in market
  • R&D evaluation
  • Testing requested by client
  • Other
Desired testing schedule (Month) (Day) to (Month) (Day)

Specimen information

Specimen name
  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth (mm)
Weight kg/sample
Quantity (number of samples)
Delivery date

(Month) (Day)

If sending specimens, enter the shipping company name and expected shipment date in the precautions field below.

Specimen precautions

Test conditions

Conditions to set

Enter the test time (cycle time), the test conditions (such as temperature, humidity and pressure), and any other conditions needed.

Extraction of specimens before end of test No Yes
(Time extracted, and procedure performed)
Specimen temperature measurement No Yes
(Temperature measurement method)
Apply current to specimen/perform measurement No Yes
(Method of applying current)
Work to be outsourced to test facility exists No Yes
(Description of work)
Specimen placement method Not specified Specified
(Method of placing specimens)
Test observation by client
  • We will not observe the test
  • We will observe the start of the test
  • We will observe the test at another point in time
  • We will observe the test at the start and at another point in time
  • (Description of procedures to perform during observation and requests to test facility)
Attached files


Documents to be submitted

None additional
Test report (ESPEC form)
Photos (up to three) of specimens in test position
Temperature (humidity) record (paper chart or CD-ROM)

Additional document
(Description of additional document)

Specification of test facility performing test Not specified Specified
(Specified test facility and reason)
Inquiry particulars
Reason for contacting ESPEC
Information from ESPEC

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