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The Platinous J Series Temperature & Humidity Chambers Have Been Awarded at the 33rd Energy Conserving Machinery Award

March 7, 2013

The Platinous J Series Temperature & Humidity Chambers of ESPEC CORP. (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan; president: Masaaki Ishida) have been awarded the "JMF’s President Award" at the 33rd Energy Conserving Machinery Award* (held by the Japan Machinery Federation with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Environmental test chambers such as the Temperature & Humidity Chambers have been used in reliability testing for a variety of products. There are customers who have logged 1,000 hours or more in tests with these chambers and customers who have 100 chambers or more on site. There is a great need for energy-saving equipment in terms of both environmental and cost-saving issues.

Thanks to its high reliability, performance, and safety in addition to its new refrigerator system that unites various of ESPEC's proprietary energy-saving technologies, the Platinous J Series provides energy savings of up to 70%. What's more, the lineup also includes a chamber equipped with a heat pipe heat exchanger that does not use a compressor in its refrigerator and dehumidifier system. This provides energy savings as well as meaning that the system is non-fluoron and generates low amounts of noise and vibrations. The Platinous J Series has received this award thanks to the complimentary evaluation of its wide-ranging environmental performance, aspects of which have been outlined above.

ESPEC CORP. shall continue to actively pursue the development of energy-saving products, and by doing so, respond to the requests of our customers as well as contribute as a company to the reduction of the environmental burden that we all place on our planet.

■Recipient: Platinous J Series of Environmental Test Chambers Equipped with Refrigeration PID Capacity Control

■Award: JMF's President Award

Pictute: Platinous J Series of Temperature & Humidity ChambersPlatinous J Series of Temperature & Humidity Chambers

* This has been held every year since 1980 by the Japan Machinery Federation.
The purpose of this awards ceremony is to commend individuals, businesses, and associations that have contributed to the promotion of the efficient use of energy through the development and presentation for actual use of excellent energy-saving machinery, and by doing so, spread the use of excellent energy-saving machinery and promote the development of energy-saving machinery.