Passive Components
(Capacitors, Inductors, and Other Components)

To Customers Evaluating High Frequency and High Heat Resistant Capacitors and Inductors

The passive components used in 5th generation mobile communications systems (5G) require support for
high frequencies and high heat resistance.
For this reason, many evaluations are conducted on passive components, such as temperature characteristics evaluations,
insulation reliability evaluations, and joint reliability evaluations.
ESPEC provides products that can help reduce the work required for or help to automate these evaluations.

Test Systems

High Frequency Inductor/Capacitor
Temperature Characteristics Evaluation Test System

The inductors and capacitors used in 5G must support high frequencies. The performance of inductors and capacitors used in 5G also changes due to the ambient environment, so the characteristics of capacitors must be understood to assure the quality and performance of the product.
This test system enables automation of temperature step control and can automatically measure various characteristic evaluations with multiple channels.

  • High Frequency Inductor/Capacitor Temperature Characteristic Evaluation System
    • In the 1 to 100 MHz frequency range, this system can automatically evaluate measurements of electrostatic capacity (C), reactance (L), impedance (Z), and Q value.
    • Saves labor in tests by simultaneously measuring multiple channels.
    • Can conduct automatic measurements at preset conditions by working in conjunction with the temperature chamber.
    Model AMQ-RF
    Number of measurement channels 36 channels * Expandable
    Measurement range Frequency: 1M~100MHz
  • Sliding tray type bench top chambers
    • A sliding tray is integrated with the door which makes it exceptionally easy to set up with measuring equipment and test samples.
    • The interface of the measuring instrument is located on the door, facilitating access to wiring. It means a shorter wiring length and contributes to improved measurement accuracy and signal transmission speed.
    • Best suited for evaluation of every small devices for 5G and IoT.
    Model SU/SH-222 SU/SH-242/242-5/642 SU/SH-662/262
    Temperature range (℃) -20~+150 -40~+150 -60~+150
    Humidity range (%rh) ※SH only 30~95
    Interface type Flat cable port
    BNC connector
    Sample holder

Multi-Layered Chip Inductor Reliability Evaluation Test System

Multi-layer chip inductors are subject to damage due to disconnection caused by electric currents and heat generated over long-term use. This system can perform service life evaluations by supplying a constant current to the conductor coil at a high temperature.

  • Multi-Layered Chip Inductor Reliability Evaluation System
    • Evaluates service life by accelerating thermal strain inside the inductor with the application of a constant current under high temperature and measuring the change in resistance.
    • Applies current stress to specimens by working in conjunction with the temperature chamber and measures resistance.
    • Saves labor with a measurement jig that can be used to easily connect specimens.
    Model AEM
    Number of measurement channels 72 channels maximum
    Stress current source
    Output range
    (3 ranges)

Capacitor Insulation Degradation Evaluation Test System

Capacitors are indispensable devices in 5G. The evaluation of the insulation degradation characteristics of capacitors in high temperature and high temperature/high humidity test environments is becoming very important for performance and safety.
ESPEC can help to reduce development and evaluation times by making tests more efficient, such as through multi-channel simultaneous measurements, automation, and performing coordinated operation with the temperature chamber.

  • Capacitor Insulation Degradation Evaluation System
    • Evaluates insulation degradation characteristics by accelerating insulation degradation in high temperature and high temperature/high humidity environments.
    • High voltages up to 2,500 V can be applied.
    • Equipped with the leak touch detection function that can accurately detect short circuit phenomena that instantaneously occur. Measurements automatically end when leak current is detected.
    • Saves labor with the measurement jig that can be used to easily connect specimens.
    Model AMI-U
    Number of measurement channels 150 channels/rack(100V/300V/500V/1000V/2500V)
    300 channels/rack(100V/300V/500V)
    * Expandable as a custom option.
    Resistance measurement range 2×105〜1×1013Ω(When 100 V is applied)
    2×103〜1×1011Ω(When 1 V is applied)
    Current measurement range 10pA~1mA
    Voltage application range 100V/300V/500V/1000V/2500V

Conductor Resistance Evaluation Test System

For passive components, conductor resistance evaluations that measure cracks in passive components and board connections that occur due to the thermal expansion and contraction of boards are becoming very important.
ESPEC systems can continuously measure the micro resistance values of conductor parts, such as solder joints and connector connections, in a temperature cycle environment that cycles between low and high temperatures.
These systems incorporate automatic measurements, data recording, and data processing by computer to efficiently perform more accurate connection reliability evaluations.

  • Conductor Resistance Evaluation System
    • Passive components and cracks in board connections that occur due to the thermal expansion and contraction of boards are automatically detected by the continuous resistance.
    • Saves labor by simultaneously monitoring and recording temperature in conjunction with the environmental test chamber.
    Model AMR-U
    Number of measurement channels Number of measurement channels
    Resistance measurement range 1×10-3〜1×106Ω
    Current application method Direct electric current measurement method

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