Board Resin Materials Compatible
with Millimeter Waves

To Customers Developing Board Resin Materials Compatible with Millimeter Waves

In 5th generation mobile communications systems (5G), the demand for circuit boards with low transmission loss that
support millimeter wavebands is increasing.
Various technologies are being developed to reduce transmission losses,
and reliability evaluations and temperature dependency evaluations are required for these technologies.
ESPEC provides optimal temperature chambers for permittivity measurements and measurement systems that
deliver energy savings in insulation reliability evaluations and contribute to automation.

Test Systems

Permittivity Temperature Dependency Evaluation Test Systems
(S-Parameter Method, Split Cylinder Method)

Temperature dependency of permittivity is high, so it is affected by temperature. For this reason, permittivity must be measured in a wide range of temperatures, from low temperature to high temperature.
ESPEC provides systems that deliver optimal test environments for permittivity measurement methods.

Insulation Reliability Evaluation Test Systems

Changes in the construction and materials of board resin materials are required to smoothly send large amounts of data at high speed in 5G. In insulation degradation evaluations required by changing board resin materials, development and evaluation times can be reduced by making tests more efficient, such as through multi-channel simultaneous measurements, automation, and performing coordinated operation with the temperature chamber.

  • Insulation Reliability Evaluation Test Systems Insulation Resistance/Leakage Current Evaluation System
    • Evaluates insulation degradation by accelerating insulation failures with the application of power in a high temperature and high humidity environment and measuring the change in resistance.
    • Automates tests by automatically detecting (leak touch detection judgment) short circuits that occur instantaneously and repeated short circuit/recovery.
    • Works in conjunction with the temperature chamber and automatically measures at the preset conditions.
    • Automates measurements of multiple specimens with our proprietary scanner method.
    Model AMI-U
    Number of measurement channels 150 channels/rack(100V/300V/500V/1000V/2500V)
    300 channels/rack(100V/300V/500V)
    * Expandable as a custom option.
    Measurement range 2×105~1×1013Ω(When 100 V is applied)
    2×103~1×1011Ω(When 1 V is applied)
    Voltage application range 100V/300V/500V/1000V/2500V
    Supported ESPEC
    temperature chambers
    • Highly Accelerated Stress Test System - HAST Chamber
    • Platinous J Series Temperature & Humidity Chamber
    ・High-Power Temperature & Humidity Chamber AR Series
    • Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber
  • Insulation Reliability Evaluation Test Systems Highly Accelerated Stress Test System - HAST Chamber
    • Stacked chambers save space.
    • Top and bottom chambers can be set with different temperature and humidity conditions (EHS-212MD/222MD/412MD).
    • A sliding shelf terminal board is available as an option that can be wired outside the chamber and then installed in the test area. This simplifies the work required to wire specimens.
    • Large types are available that are perfect for evaluating large specimens or large amounts of small specimens.
    Model EHS-212/222/412(M/MD) EHS-432/432L
    Temperature & humidity range
    Temperature +105 to +142.9°C
    Humidity 75 to 100%rh
    Temperature +105 to +162.2°C
    Humidity 75 to 100%rh
    Humidity 75 to 100%rh
    Humidity 75 to 100%rh
    Interior dimensions
    Φ294×D318 *(296)mm
    Φ394×D426 *(404)mm

    * Dimensions in parentheses () exclude fan guard projection.

    Φ548×D560 mm
    Φ560×D760 mm

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*The organization of these certificates is ESPEC CORP. Japan.

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