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Industrial Ovens Temperature Chamber Series
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Worldwide applications

ESPECs Temperature Chambers are suitable for a broad range of applications from high-temperature testing, to heat treatment or drying for production lines.
Several volumes are available in horizontal or vertical model. These ovens feature either a standard 2-step programming instrumentation, or M-instrumentation for programmed operation (up to 20 steps).

Wide selection

Temperature chamber series counts 16 models to choose from according to temperature range, capacity and instrumentation.

Safety measures

Triple safety mechanisms are equipped for overheating protection.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
PV(H)-212 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +200°C (+392°F) W600H600D600 / W770H1200D925
PV(H)-222 W600H900D600 / W770H1500D925
PV(H)-232 W600H1200D600 / W770H1800D925
PV(H)-332 W800H1200D800 / W1030H1800D1145
PH(H)-102 W450H450D450 / W1040H820D635
PH(H)-202 W600H600D600 / W1190H970D785
PH(H)-302 W800H800D800 / W1500H1210D1065
PH(H)-402 W1000H1000D1000 / W1730H1480D1275

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